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Sheesha : Mirror for the Indian youth?

HISTORY of Shisha in INDIA (copied from Wikipedia)

The concept of hookah originated In India, once the province of the wealthy, it was tremendously popular especially during Mughal rule. The hookah has since become less popular; however, it is once again garnering the attention of the masses, and café and restaurants that offer it as a consumable are popular. The use of hookahs from ancient times in India was not only a custom, but a matter of prestige. Rich and landed classes would smoke hookahs.

Tobacco is smoked in hookahs in many villages as per traditional customs. Smoking a tobacco-molasses shisha is now becoming popular amongst the youth in India. There are several chain clubs, bars and coffee shops in India offering a wider variety of mu‘assels, including non-tobacco versions.

Koyilandy, a small fishing town on the west coast of India, once made and exported hookahs extensively. These are known as Malabar Hookahs or Koyilandy Hookahs. Today these intricate hookahs are difficult to find outside of Koyilandy and not much easier to find in Koyilandy itself.


The following are my views!

Shisha is a very popular consumable amongst school going kids (class 9th on) and college students in India. A basic shisha order would cost them a minimum of Indian Rupee ₹150 and takes almost an hour and a half to consume one order. School going children prefer to go to shisha lounges while bunking their coaching classes and college students are not usually time-bound. Every other student who says no to shisha is usually teased by his/her peer group and ultimately tries it out for the sake of his/her reputation. It’s very addictive and very easily accessible and so usually the youth develops this habit of smoking shisha at a very small age. Girls are not left behind when it comes to the consumption of shisha.

More than 50% of my friends have never told their parents that they hang around at such places and consume shisha. they usually bunk their coaching and college (even I did twice) for such hang outs. 70% of these have the membership cards which provide them shisha at a cheaper rate. So, it will not be wrong to say that some of my friends buy their own losses at substantially lower prices than my other friends do!

Advantages of this habit

1. Helps in creating a so-called “cool” image among your so-called “friends”.

2. Helps in socializing. (This would be the last way to do so, for me at least)

Disadvantages of this habit

1. You are actually becoming a fool and those friends will not help you in establishing your career.

2. Most of the friends you make while wasting your time will not waste their time on you when you are in need.

3. The time that one should spend studying is “used up” while making smoke rings.

4. The discussions carried out in such rap sessions are usually meaningless.

5. Money – you burn your money with coal and smoke it!


There may be other harmful effects of shisha, which I’m not familiar with, at the moment. There must be many other disadvantages which I’m not aware of right now!

This is not all. I have many ideas for the question: Where one could possibly spend his/her time (the one that was about to be wasted while consuming shisha) instead of killing it?

  • Attend your regular classes. (I know you will probably hate this idea)
  • Complete all the pending tasks. (We all have this bad habit of procrastinating)
  • Meet and talk to your grandparents. (They love it when they have someone to talk to)
  • Teach your favorite subject in orphanages. ( It will help you create a self-positive image)
  • Do a part-time job (and save the money for future use)
  • Help your parents out in their regular tasks. (It will make them happier)
  • Do something good for your own country. (You and I are the future of this nation, and we can’t blow this responsibility away as smoke)
  • Create groups of people with similar hobbies and aims and hang around with them for similar activities. (You’ll get to learn so much, specially about your own potential)
  • Read newspapers and magazines. (Knowledge is power)
  • Play some sports and devote our time to our hobbies. (You’ll discover the better self of yours)
  • Clean up your room, arrange your cup-board, wash your clothes once in a week. (It will make you independent)
  • Go and meet your cousins and relatives. (Family supports you when no one else does and more than any one else)
  • Visit old-age homes.

There is so much you can do, this is just a fraction of all the possibilities! Please suggest your friends not to kill their most crucial time in life by indulging in such activities. Once or twice in a blue-moon is okay, everyday consumption of shisha is not a healthy habit!

Thank You!

We, “the Youth”, need to “react”!

I read a news recently in a local newspaper. It had interviews with some of the major taxpayers in India. They were distressed by the scams that are being revealed recently in the country. Their dismay was upon the fact that the money they pay as tax each year for the growth and welfare of their country was actually used for the benefits of corrupt and obnoxious politicians and IAS Officers. They demanded answers from the government (and the prime minister says that he’s not responsible.. he’s compelled), they want the youth to react (had they risen up against corruption in their youth, our generation would have never seen India facing such disgrace).. But hey! They asked for an open accounting system for the expenditure of the taxes .. a crystal clear one.. in which they could actually know where exactly, the amount of tax they paid is being invested by the government! Now, that is a great idea!

Now I would like to discuss all the three issues in detail (solely my opinion)
1. What kind of a Prime Minister says that he was bound to let the scams happen!
2. Why did our parents involved themselves in corruption? Why did they not react? Can we, “the youth”, do something about it?
3. Can there be an open accounting system for the income tax paid by the responsible citizens?

1. The answer to my question in statement 1. is honorable Dr. Manmohan Singh. Yeah, he gave such a statement in front of the media, so that, everyone around the globe can see and hear the unacceptable, indigestible fact. He is the Prime Minister of a developing nation and his visions for the future of that nation are very bright… What is in dark, is the present! He blames everything on the coalition government. Oh come on, who will accept that? If the person, who is accountable for the progress of a country, is not even capable of taking the decisions about the major deals and issues, then who is? Does he still deserve to stand there as the head of the Government of the Republic Of India? Okay fine, it’s a coalition government, he is working under great pressures and the fear that his government might fall if he goes against his supporters from other parties.. Does that mean, that he has got the rights to do injustice to the nation? Will you leave your parents alone, helpless in a dark place just because your neighbor is providing you with the basic necessities of life? Will you ignore the one who gave you life and brought you up, for someone who never bothered about you and never will, unless it does him some good? Now, do we need to teach him his duties?

What I want is not his resignation, it’s not justice nor justification… What I and every other honest citizen requires and demands, is the transparency of the entire government system, the bureaucracy, what we want is, to see India progressing from all the directions possible and imaginable, what we want is “The Golden Bird” back in its form! Are we asking for too much? No.. there is the potential.. I know it not only from within, but also from facts! Then why not?

2. Here’s the answer for the question above. This is because, our elder generations took the freedom for granted. They involved themselves in malpractices like corruption and it penetrated from the highest level to the lowest level, or may be even vice-versa… There is no way to find out who started it, how it was started, where and why was it started.. And we don’t even need to find that out.. We don’t want to find out that why did “they” not “react”? The question is, are we a part of it? Did our parents “donate” some huge amount of money to a college for our admission in a Government college? Did we bribe a traffic police officer after breaking a traffic rule? Did we receive such a bribe ever and do something unethical? Do we ask for bills when we buy stationary or refuel our vehicles? Do we fulfill our duties as a citizen? Do we enjoy our rights as a citizen? There can be many such questions.. The next question is do we feel guilty of your deeds?
Yeah.. Everyone feels guilty, but no one ever follows the rules, then why should I? But the question should be.. “Why should you not?” The answer should be.. I am Indian.. I love my nation.. and so I will abide by my duties before i take advantage of my rights! I will say no to bribery, I will say no to corruption, I will stand in attention when I hear the national anthem, I will pick up the flags that are thrown on the streets after independence and republic day celebrations and dispose them off respectfully, I will follow the traffic rules, I will never throw waste on the roads, I will study well and do some good for the development of India and Indians, I will pay the taxes and the list will go on….
Can we, “the youth”, do something about it? So, the answer is.. yes, we can! If we the youth will stand united against the social and political evils, we can actually change the scenario of this nation! All we need is a platform, which will bring the educated section of India together at one place and help in bringing about the change.

3. For the third question, I’ll keep it short.. It’s the 21st century and nothing is impossible! We need to rise together and demand.. trust me, that’s all we need to do!

Thanks for reading.. but this is not all.. there is a lot going on in my head.. I just need to give it a shape and then.. I’ll blog..!! 🙂

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