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Sweet Ain’t Good

I was talking to an old friend..
And what had been once a trend..
Happened to me once again..

A long time it had been..
Since someone called me sweet..
It would, once have been a treat..

But, there's nothing to celebrate..
Today, I'm in a different state..
Okay, I'll speak it straight..

May be I'm not sweet anymore..
Now, I prefer spicy, or..
Even lemon like sour!!

I have changed with time..
And I would in fact admire..
If you find me salt-like..

Back then I was naive..
Learnt with time, I have..
A lesson that's pretty grave..

From an elder's point of view..
That all that is simply too..
sweet may rot and be no good!

#Sometimes You Need To..

Sometimes You Need To Make..

A Prayer, Just Before You Flake!!

Sometimes You Need To Laugh On Your Own Mistake..

Declare Yourself Idiot And Go For A Retake!!

Sometimes You Need To Take A Break..

Leaving Everything You Own, At Stake!!

Sometimes You Need To Simply Sit Back..

Close Your Eyes, Relax; Yet, Stay Awake!!

Sometimes You Need To Listen To That..

Lullaby.. Your Mother Used To Chant!!

Sometimes You Need To Go Back..

Far Far Down The Memory Lane!!

Sometimes You Need To Recollect..

Or Plainly Look At That Keepsake!!

Sometimes You Need To Be Yourself Again..

For No One Else But Your Own Sake!!

Sometimes You Need To Stop Being Fake..

Only Then Things Will Be Jake!!

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