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My mood easily sways.. (‘~’)

Chocolates help always.. ~</:-)

Dairy milk when I’m tired.. zZzzzZZz..

Munch pop-chocs when I’m bored.. 😐

Ferrero Rocher if I’m sad.. 😦

Munch it is.. when I’m glad.. 🙂

Hot chocolate while it’s raining.. “;’.’,’;’.’.”..

Bournville when he is flirting ❤

Melody when I have to share.. :/

If it’s five-star I don’t care.. :C

I’ll eat Milky Bar alone.. 😦

Because Relish is long gone, ^_^

I have to eat Bar-one, :d

And I miss Kismi Bars.. ^..^

Personally hate Mars!! <\3

It has got to be Kit-kat.. !^_*!

Whenever I need a break!! \m/

I love to have Choco-pies.. :*

When all the fun dies!! :-{

Crackle is a school time favorite.. :’)

There is a lot to relate.. 😎

But time is what is short.. :/

So I’ll have Cadbury shot!! 😛

PS: I’d love to know what are your favorites, must-eat once in 2 days, I recommend you to eat, not even look at chocolates!!


He would have been as tall as Akshay Kumar.. And, his built, similar to Late Mr. Sunil Dutt (as I have estimated after looking at the old snapshots). By now, he would have turned 90 (My grandma is 82.. so, another guess).. Even at the this age, I believe, he would still have been muscular!

 All that I know about my grand father is through my grandma’s narrations, old video CDs of his children’s wedding and my own imagination! My parents don’t like to talk about him because it makes them emotionally weak, they feel miserable.. They still don’t want to believe that he is no more. As for me, it was not hard to accept because he passed away in 1989 and I was born 2 years later!

Late Shri Sitaram Sabu, was born in Udaipurwati when India was under British rule.. Maa (Grandma) does not remember his birthdate (I wanna know his sun-sign). They got married when Maa was 12 years old (this she remembers, huh!) and he would have been 20 (this she assumed).

He had lived in Rajasthan, Kolkata, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh (Indore). He was a part of the Indian struggle for independence. They had 8 children.. 5 boys (2 of whom met their end in childhood) and 2 girls. He was a wonderful, a dependable father to all his children alike and the cutest grandfather to my siblings. I’m the only child in my generation who was unable to meet him, see him.. who was neither pampered nor blessed by him..

This does not make me sad, but deep inside I have this longing.. that if only.. he was there to teach me to speak, to walk, to eat with my own hands.. to scold me if I did something wrong and later, try to convince me to talk to him.. to buy me new clothes every now and then and tell my mom off, if she complained.. to bring me chocolates without any occasions, to give me his collection of stamps as a keepsake (which I have already obtained from my father).. to tell his tale and basically love his smallest, cutest, and most adorable grand-daughter.. I just feel that I was deprived of such a lovely relationship, every time I come across a grand-dad and his little angel in his arms, or find someone who looks like a grand-father!

He was gone before I came, yet I never complain.. I don’t know why!! Knowing about him brings tears in my eyes, but it never makes me unhappy.. I don’t know why!! I never met him, yet I miss him.. I don’t know why!! I dunno him, yet I love him.. .. I don’t know why!! (Please tell me if you have the answers). My closest guess is that there’s a part of him in me which does not like to see me upset..

I know you can’t read this but I hope you do Bauji!


Pinky 🙂 

Life is better, when you decide you don’t care!

Life is better, when you decide you don’t care.. 

It might sound bookish, or may be impractical.. But, it actually works!!!! When you love the life you live and live the life you love.. you’ll find yourself content with wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you do!!!

When u simply don’t care…………. nobody can affect you, change you, trouble you, or irritate you…………. and you’ll be your true self……….. Love like your heart is unbreakable, live like you only have today and act like every dream will come true………………. This is what is required for a perfect life………. Wish for nothing extra and trust me, you’ll be truly blessed!!!!!

May be a time comes when you find yourself in a big mess, a time might come when you realize that you’ve made a blunder 😦 ……….. So what???? Everybody makes mistakes……….. but by not learning from it, and cursing yourself for it would be the worst thing to do in that situation………….. Think the other way round………… Even after that, you can say…………. I did what i wanted to and YES, I’VE MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!!! But at least I had the guts to do what I wanted to and I had an EXPERIENCE; I fell down, OK……. But I’ll pick myself right back up, dust myself off, and work for perfection. :-]

Life is what you make it……… So make sure that you go for whatever you wish to do…….. Have no burnt bridges, no stones unturned and most importantly of all make sure to have no regrets…….. Life is short………….FOLLOW YOUR HEART, AND FOLLOW IT NOW!!!! And because life is really short, break your heart into small pieces.. send them here and there and follow all those pieces.. And please DO NOT FORGET TO USE YOUR BRAIN to track those pieces (says my friend) :-]

You can’t control people, their thoughts, but you can control how you react to them!!! It isn’t their life……….ITS TOTALLY YOURS!!!! In the end you’ll be all by yourself and at that time, when you look back………..you should have no wish unfulfilled…………

And remember the following lyrics from the song ‘Welcome To Wherever You Are‘ by Bon








In Memory Of “Lemo”

She’s angry because she had to bathe

My first bird friend..
A lovely parakeet...
As 'big' as my hand..
With feathers that were green...
And markings that were black..
She was so charming...
Great time we had..
Was used to hand-feeding...
That little young maid..
At times she was a darling...
Her mandible I would pat..
And sometimes so annoying...
She would turn away her back!!!
But, one day she was lying...
Outside in her cage..
When came an old flying...
Another feathered friend..
With a murderous frenzy...
Oh Lemo!! You misread..
The next scene is appalling...
I dare not envisage!!
Oh!!! I'm still missing...
My first bird friend..!!
Aqua and Lemo were adopted together

  I wish you could live longer..
But my wish can not come true..
I hope you get God's blessing..
My prayers are still with you!!
She is still angry about it 😛

Love leads to God..!!

I came across the following text while preparing for my exam…

And I thought its worth sharing… as it holds my views of Love, Life and God!


‘God has just dipped us into the nectar of love, which is the spice of life. Why does a newborn baby start crying the moment she comes into this materialistic world? How does a baby recognize her mother? Why does she sleep peacefully in her mother’s arms?

A mother’s womb for a baby is nothing less than a temple, for there is only love. Enjoying life in such a sweet atmosphere, the baby feels safe in her mother’s womb. God resides in a temple, so a foetus is regarded as an incarnation of God. And when a baby comes into the world, she is separated from the spiritual world of freedom.

Every breath of the mother is connected to the breath of the baby. Every beat of the mother’s heart is connected to the heartbeat of the baby. Why then shouldn’t she recognise her mother? This is true love. When the universe was created, God showered his pure love on everybody. His love for us is boundless. We pray to God because we are grateful to him.
We tend to forget God in times of happiness. Most of the times we do not show kindness to others once we get happiness. God wants us to put our feet on the ground and live a life of love. Serving the children of God is the best way to love God. No human being should be deprived of love and kindness.

Kindness and courage both are different dimensions of love. Kindness is the virtue of being compassionate and merciful towards others, be it to our own baby or someone else’s, be it our friend or a stranger. Every living being in some way or the other is an image of God. By showing love towards all we can hope to achieve this quality. In the same way, courage in troubled times is not everybody’s cup of tea. Just as we should love others, it’s also important to love ourselves and the life given to us by God. The holy spirit of God within us is called the soul. Hence, it is God who is responsible for every good deed that we do.
Joys and sorrows are like day and night. We must welcome every emotion that God wants us to experience, with courage. Nothing is permanent, neither joys nor sorrows. No matter how dark the night, it is followed by day. No matter how painful the sorrow is, joy is bound to follow. Overcome sorrows with courage.

Nowadays there is terrorism in the name of religion. Terrorism is a dimension of hatred. God is a symbol of love. Spreading hatred for the sake of God is not justified since God can never ever be happy to see bloodshed. Gandhi fought for love and unity through the peaceful way of satyagraha . Unity cannot exist without love. Anything that brings us closer to God is love. Classical dancers worship God through their dance. Through this they gain wisdom and attain the highest spiritual freedom.

All her life Meerabai loved Krishna, she worshipped Krishna. She did not bother what the world would say about her. She just wished to be close to God, she just wished to be close to love. She is remembered as a great devotee of God. One should always choose the right path and then have the conviction and belief to tread it. This is what Meera did. Think of Krishna, and Meera comes to mind. True love brings us closer to God. God is love. Man, too, can become love.’

I was the eldest daughter of my parents…

I was the eldest daughter of my parents. I raised my younger brothers and sisters after my parents died! I could not get married because I had responsibilities.  Now, they call me up once in a blue moon,  just to check if I am still alive, or not! I met with a major accident at the age of 26 and my face was completely damaged… Before that, I used to be a beautiful woman! I helped my friend (whom I loved) marry his girlfriend. I financed some acquaintances when they needed money, they are all rich today, but they never bother to return the loans.

These are a few words that I clearly remember from our conversations! It rattled my cage when I saw her composed expressions while narrating the miserable episodes of her life. And there I sat, in a hope that I could personally meet all those people who betrayed her and slap each of them right in front of their kids. But more than that, I was angry with her because she let them have undue advantage of her generosity. Huh!! She laughed at my anger and brushed it off with her benevolent smile! I mean.. what the hell! I cannot swallow this! How can a person be so good at heart and lose almost everything.. parents, family, love, beauty, money… Why did she have to face all the ills that one can possibly imagine? Why? I really hated this!

I know I wrote about this blog as being filled with happiness… and till now, all I have blogged about is.. complaining about the present conditions in India, its people and the government, and then I’m writing a story with such a sad title “Hey… She used to be my best friend” and now I am writing down another sad excerpt from some forlorn figure’s life! But all I want to share is, despite of all the misfortunes, she lives happily.. she is content! Now how can that be..?? How positive a person can be..?? Are there no limits to optimism..?? How is it possible that she never felt depressed and enjoys every day like its her last?

I’ll write how she made it possible… soon! very soon! 🙂

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