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World Sparrow Day

I feel like a free bird today.. I don’t know how to express my happiness.. but I can of course share the reason of being happy.. I just got admission in GIM.. my dream college!! yay 😀

Anyways.. today is world sparrow day and I’d like you to visit this website and have a look… Am a little short of words today.. Will write again soon!!

I love my birds 🙂


Do read the comment by Eris below.. It’s osm! ❤ 🙂

What Keeps Me Going..

A few things I do for Mindless Entertainment..

I sit back, close my eyes, turn some soft music on (usually instrumental) at low volume and concentrate on it.. Aah!! It’s so pacifying!!

I listen to The Arctic Light, and the lullaby from The Twilight Saga a lot!

A leisurely walk with a friend or two.. or a conversation on phone with my closest friends.. chatting about stuff other than college or family or future.. calms me down!

I pray at times with eyes wide open.. watching the idol of Lord Krishna.. it gives me hope and strength besides soothing my brain!

Baal Gopal
I look at the old pictures of everyone.. or listen to the stories my grandma has to tell.. or play with my 5-year-old niece.. It takes off all the loads from my mind!!

I try to train my birds.. although they are a nasty bunch of disobedient budgies.. but it really makes me happy!

There are many other things that I enjoy doing…. or that help me relax.. but these 5 top the list!

I hope you enjoyed reading.. and if you are free for a minute or two.. Go ahead and tell me what things you do… other than work, which make you feel good!


Priyanka 🙂

In Memory Of “Lemo”

She’s angry because she had to bathe

My first bird friend..
A lovely parakeet...
As 'big' as my hand..
With feathers that were green...
And markings that were black..
She was so charming...
Great time we had..
Was used to hand-feeding...
That little young maid..
At times she was a darling...
Her mandible I would pat..
And sometimes so annoying...
She would turn away her back!!!
But, one day she was lying...
Outside in her cage..
When came an old flying...
Another feathered friend..
With a murderous frenzy...
Oh Lemo!! You misread..
The next scene is appalling...
I dare not envisage!!
Oh!!! I'm still missing...
My first bird friend..!!
Aqua and Lemo were adopted together

  I wish you could live longer..
But my wish can not come true..
I hope you get God's blessing..
My prayers are still with you!!
She is still angry about it 😛

She’s gonna be a Mother now… and him.. the FATHER!!!

The blue one.. Aqua (my sister named her).. is just like her sky-bluish tone.. calm and composed (a little weird these days) but still, she made my Christmas really a merry one by laying a perfect white small oval egg 4 days ago.. and another one 2 days ago..  And oh.. by the way! The other one over there, Belly, is like a little brother to me.. I love his body colour.. Bright yellow, flamboyant like his character.. confident, exuberant and a macho.. The father!! 🙂


Until recently I had no clue about their “lovestory”.. But now that I know, I wish that they both live merrily together forever with their adorable kids!!

Rest of the story..

Like when was each of my bird adopted,

how are they all like,

how I thought each one of them was in love with some other bird :/ ,

how i thought that Jelly was attacking Aqua when they were actually mating 😛 ,

and how Aqua completely changed overnight and how possessive and protective these 2 are about the eggs!!

LATER 😉 !!!


Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year to all!! 😀


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