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Winters in Indore

Christmas Decorations outside Central MallImage
I have always loved winters just like any other season. Never found it cruel like many say, that’s may be because I had always been in the warmth of my home, cuddled up by my mom. Both my parents were born during winters, and the got married in the same season. But, I never realized how deep my love was until I came here to Goa!! It’s December and I felt cold only once yet!!
Ummmm.. Garadu
These days when I get calls from my friends.. narrating the accounts of their long drives which they ended by devouring garadu, bhutte ka kees and malpua near Sanjay Sethu.. I can’t help but envy them… All I can do is.. sit here, at the amphitheater wishing that the cool breeze messes up my hair.. hoping that the sun stops frying my brain… But its far from happening!! I love being here at GIM in Goa.. but I really miss my Indori winters!!
A day before exams @Celebrations, one of my favorite hangout places!
I usually started wearing my dusky fine woolens from mid-November. It used to get a little chilly in the wee hours while I would be fast asleep in the comfort of my frayed blue quilt. I simply loved the four months of winters.. when I would get goosebumps while riding my poor old Activa @ 75kmph at 9am on my way to college. The streets wouldn’t crowd up like the other seasons as most Indorians would be reluctant to come out of their cozy warm houses, so early on a typical winter morning. The aroma of garma-garam Poha-Jalebi from the small restaurants at Rajwada, 56 shops and JMB (a popular Indori sweet and namkeen shop) easily slowed us down, while the chuski of chai would give us the energy for sailing through the day.
Sirpur Lake


Oh how I miss my slow paced yet fulfilling Indori life! My winter hangout places included a small lake near NH3, MHOW camp area, Khajrana temple, MR10 bridge, pavements of the airport road, parking of my coaching class at MG road (just because most good looking guys would pass through as most gyms were located nearby). CCD, Barista Lavazza, Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Domino’s, the local bakeries and juice shops were appealing all year round. But these other places grow really beautiful to give a warm welcome to the shivery November with the Rose Ringed Parakeets on the Peepal trees. On one such days, oldies could be seen sitting in the colony parks while their grand children would be playing in the sun! You could find a bunch of school students fighting the cold by luxuriating in the sheesha lounges in Vijay Nagar, and spot couples relishing ice-cream candies under the Krishnapura chatriyaan, early in the evening. While the newly weds will be found in sarafa, where the jewelry showrooms would turn into chat shops during the dry windy nights.
Indore has a relatively more cosmopolitan culture compared to other cities in Madhya Pradesh. People here, are fond of everything.. arts, business, cricket, fashion, festivals, financial markets, food, gossip, malls, news, people, politics, technology, TV serials and most importantly, gossip over food!! Yeah, we are obsessed with our eating habits which includes talking necessarily while eating. Their food preferences are derived from the potpourri of Bengali, Marathi, Muslim, Mughlai, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi, South Indian, continental and Malwi cuisines. As all these people came down to Indore, so did their festivals.. Christmas, Lohri, Makar Sakranti (Pongal), Vasant Panchmi, Maha Shivratri which are celebrated with such zeal that it continues over weeks.

Soon I’ll be going back home.. just for 6 days, I will be able to put my woolens on, go on the long drives and freeze, and chomp on the crazy Indori food!! 😀
PS: Some pics are not my clicks.


He would have been as tall as Akshay Kumar.. And, his built, similar to Late Mr. Sunil Dutt (as I have estimated after looking at the old snapshots). By now, he would have turned 90 (My grandma is 82.. so, another guess).. Even at the this age, I believe, he would still have been muscular!

 All that I know about my grand father is through my grandma’s narrations, old video CDs of his children’s wedding and my own imagination! My parents don’t like to talk about him because it makes them emotionally weak, they feel miserable.. They still don’t want to believe that he is no more. As for me, it was not hard to accept because he passed away in 1989 and I was born 2 years later!

Late Shri Sitaram Sabu, was born in Udaipurwati when India was under British rule.. Maa (Grandma) does not remember his birthdate (I wanna know his sun-sign). They got married when Maa was 12 years old (this she remembers, huh!) and he would have been 20 (this she assumed).

He had lived in Rajasthan, Kolkata, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh (Indore). He was a part of the Indian struggle for independence. They had 8 children.. 5 boys (2 of whom met their end in childhood) and 2 girls. He was a wonderful, a dependable father to all his children alike and the cutest grandfather to my siblings. I’m the only child in my generation who was unable to meet him, see him.. who was neither pampered nor blessed by him..

This does not make me sad, but deep inside I have this longing.. that if only.. he was there to teach me to speak, to walk, to eat with my own hands.. to scold me if I did something wrong and later, try to convince me to talk to him.. to buy me new clothes every now and then and tell my mom off, if she complained.. to bring me chocolates without any occasions, to give me his collection of stamps as a keepsake (which I have already obtained from my father).. to tell his tale and basically love his smallest, cutest, and most adorable grand-daughter.. I just feel that I was deprived of such a lovely relationship, every time I come across a grand-dad and his little angel in his arms, or find someone who looks like a grand-father!

He was gone before I came, yet I never complain.. I don’t know why!! Knowing about him brings tears in my eyes, but it never makes me unhappy.. I don’t know why!! I never met him, yet I miss him.. I don’t know why!! I dunno him, yet I love him.. .. I don’t know why!! (Please tell me if you have the answers). My closest guess is that there’s a part of him in me which does not like to see me upset..

I know you can’t read this but I hope you do Bauji!


Pinky 🙂 

Smiling Tears.. That Made Me Strong!!


I was filling the form of a competitive exam in Axis Bank (it’s the last date to submit the form) when an extraordinarily beautiful girl walked in. Snow white skin, sharp features, light brown hair and the slightest hint of blue in her eyes. Yeah her eyes were blue and so was she. It seemed that she had cried them out until a minute ago! But, why? :/ 😦 I did not like it.. The moment I had this urge to make her happy somehow, I noticed, a smile was starting to spread from her lips.. which gleamed in her eyes the next moment.. and a tear dropped down from one of those… But this time, there was an expression of relief on her face.. she seemed to have won a long fought cause and the struggle just got over.. And yet, she was unable to decide whether to weep in joy or dissolve into laughter!! I felt triumphant 🙂 for her victory and realized that I was yearning to know what just happened to her?

I guess I know now, why I felt connected.. This is what made me sense a deja-vu when I finally convinced my father to send me out for further studies!! I had spent last few days of my life wondering that my problems won’t ever end. If I’ll solve one, another much difficult trouble will head my way. It was simply pathetic to feel so miserably weak! It was then when I met Sana….

She took the same form from the reception and came to sit beside me! Mmmmm.. Nice fragrance.. CK I suppose! I was wanting to talk to her but she spoke before I could find the right words. It was a child-like voice, the way it sounds when they wake up and rub their sleep from their eyes!! Soft, lazy.. but, strong.. a little more than a murmur! She enquired about what details to fill in. I explained it to her and it was strangely satisfying to have helped her! There was a battle going on in my mind.. a battle between my decency and my curiosity! Should I ask her the cause of her sorrow and then, how she overcame it? As usual, the boring and irritating.. decent me, prevailed!

Now, as soon as I gave my curiosity, the instructions to shut it up.. She spoke again.. this time her voice more composed and even.. But, there was the sound of a longing.. a desire to express herself.. to let the cat out of the bag in-front of some stranger.. and feel easier in her mind.. She told me all about it.. That she was an MBA aspirant just like I was.. How she had gone for further studies to some other city and her parent’s brought her back within a month.. That she had a hard time convincing her family, that all she wants is two years from her own life.. That she will not run away with just anyone.. That she will come back home after she was done with her master’s degree.. That she will marry the guy of their choice and not her own!!

How sick.. but true.. You have to take permission to live your own life from those who have already lived more than half of theirs!! This problem is faced by a lot many Indian girls.. But, the scenario is changing.. slowly and steadily!!!

Anyways, she was happy now.. her family convinced.. all the arrangements made.. all she had to do was clear this management entrance test.. and get out of this web where she was entangled for almost 21 years!! I kept listening all this while, “hmmmm’ing” and “ohhh..okay’ing”, time and again! Her struggle story gave me more strength than her success story.. This is what helped me try.. to talk to my dad.. This is what made me think positive again.. I’ll always be thankful to her!!

I’m glad I met you Sana..

You are an inspiration to me!!

All the very best for the rest of your life!!

May you get all that you deserve and wish for!

Hugs.. Priyanka!!

My Reply To Eris

I was a little disturbed a while ago.. But my conviction that every time you enter a crisis.. you step out stronger.. If one door is closed in your face.. There’s no use standing there disappointed.. Either break that door or turn around to find other open ones!! I did not lose hope.. I tried and it worked!! Here’s the story:

Dear Eris,

Your poem blew away my mind.!!

Its amazing how a poetry of mine..

Fetched another one of it’s kind.!!

So I’ll tell you what made me jive..

In the simplest words that I could find.!!

I was sitting with him in the dining hall..

He’s my father.. I’m his doll.!! (:p)

He’s a li’l conservative and I’m off the wall!!

You might not find it interesting at all..

It was a stainless steel glass after-all..

Which contained a yogurt-based..

Popular Punjabi (Indian) beverage..

Lassi” is what.. it is called!!

It keeps your body cool and brain relaxed!!

This is a harsh piece of information..

But this is what always happens..

To a lot of girls who are Indians..

They get married after graduation..

But, I want to go out for higher eduation..

My family had their own objections!!

All my elder sisters thought…

That there is no hope..

But again as I said…

I convinced my dad..

He told me of his fears..

When you talk, doubt clears..

I tried and it worked..

It worked because I tried..

I know it’s not rhyming too..

But, I’m sure now you see..

I was hiding nothing..

I just could not frame..

My words back then..

But, your lines inspired mine..

And we have another of it’s kind!!

This was the only way..

I could hug you back..

Now to write would be like to play!!

I’m glad to have found a blogging friend.. in you!!


Thanks a lot!! 😀


Destiny is not yet decided!!!

I’m not sure how destiny works… But, what I do believe is that, our decisions build our future… Dance if you want to, sing if you like to, write if you think you can.. Not because others think you should, not because others think you can.. As it is YOU who will have to live with that choice of becoming a dancer, singer or a writer forever..

What makes me write all this? I am an MBA aspirant and I have been doing my research from a year and a half. I always knew that I can not work under someone for long. I always wanted to employ others, bring a change, & become a writer (3 of my most ‘I really truly want this to happen’ kind of desires).

So first, I thought about how could I achieve all this? The best answer was: Learn management –> Become a business-woman–> Employ others –> Continue writing side by side –> Bring about that “change” with the help of both, management and writing skills!! {What kind of “change” am I going on about? It’s the Indian education system and the future of India. (More about it, later in some random post.)}

Now that I was clear about doing an MBA or else, PGDM (doesn’t really make much difference to me), I had to consider about all the entrance exams that I could appear for.. [Each selection I made, led me to another set of choices.] Then I had to choose among the various coaching classes available.. After which, I had to explore my options for the trainings that I could undergo.. Later, it was about which stream should I specialize in.. And now, that the results are out for various exams (and some are still highly awaited), I’m wondering which college will accept my score, and where should I apply. All of this was not very easy, because all these preferences are going to shape up my future. The number factors that I did consider before shortlisting a few b-schools were many, some of which are:

  • Where is the college situated?
  • Will I be able to afford the fee, will I get a loan sanctioned?
  • Does my choice of stream matches with that university’s flagship program?
  • What is the structure of course curriculum?
  • How strong and proficient the faculty is?
  • What is the culture of that college? Does it reflects within my personality?
  • What all companies come for placements and what profiles do the offer?
  • What has been the average CTC (for freshers in my case) in the past few years?
  • What kind of industrial exposure is provided in the campus?
And many other factors like do my parents know about this b-school, will they let me go? What kind of alumni base does that b-school have? What is their selection criteria? Will I be eligible for the college of my choice? If eligible, will I be able to crack the selection process? Tons and tons of such questions have been swarming in my mind from past few months and this is what made me think about all of this through a more practical yet, philosophical approach. One has to live with their decisions forever, one must be wise while taking one!!
It could be decision regarding whom do you choose to sit with in your primary class? (That person might end up being your best friend for the years to come!!!)
It could be the train you take to travel across your city/country? (That train might be the one which a terrorist group choose to attack the same day!!!)
It could be the subject you take up in your senior school. (Now, this will not only decide your fate, but also that of your family, your nation!!)
It could be the choice of watching some random movie. (It might change your character as a person, if it’s some epic movie like Invictus!!!)
It could be a restaurant you pick for a date, or an outfit you wear for an interview… Just go with your heart, do your research whenever required and once decided, then let it flow… Things will fall into place with their own pace. You will make mistakes, learn from them, mend your ways and move on. And over the years you will realize that what destiny did, was nothing more than showing you the outcome of your choices!!!

Where is the Indian education system heading?

The chronicles of education in India

The  history of education in India is quite fascinating and splendid. Studies have shown that the scholars and sages have been imparting education orally since the 3rd century BC. Later, palm leaves and barks of trees were used to disseminate education in written form by the scholars. Community centers and temples were the schools’ premises during that period. The Vedas, Puranas, Ayurveda,Yoga, Kautilya’s Arthasahtra are only some of the milestones that the traditional Indian knowledge system boasts of.

The person who provided the world with the studies of economics for the first time


The developer of economics.


There are evidences of providing formal education in ancient India under the Gurukul system, in which young boys who were passing through the Brahmacharya stage of life had to stay at the Guru or the teacher’s home and complete their education. With the introduction of Buddhism, education became available to every Indian and this led to the establishment of some world-famous educational institutions Nalanda, Vikramshila and TakshashilaNalanda University was the oldest university-system of education in the world, which flourished from the 5th to 13th century AD. This university had around 10,000 resident students and teachers on its roll at one time. These students included Chinese, Sri Lankan, Korean and other international scholars.

Nalanda University

In the 11th century the Muslims established elementary and secondary schools, which led to the forming of few universities too at cities like Delhi, Lucknow and Allahabad. Medieval period saw excellent interaction between Indian and Islamic traditions in all fields of knowledge like theology, religion, philosophy, fine arts, painting, architecture, mathematics, medicine and astronomy.

Although the ancient system of education has produced many geniuses and still a major area of research, it was hardly egalitarian. Women and people of lower castes gradually lost their right to educate themselves. The spread of Jainism, Buddhism, Bhakti and Sufi movements did have some liberating effects on the condition of the women, Sudras and Atisudras. But it is the English language and the reformation movements of the 19th century (with the help of the European missionaries) that had the most liberating effect in pre-independent India. Thus, the Britishers, although rightly criticized for devastating the Indian economy, can also be credited for bringing a revolution in the Indian education system. Since then, Western education has made steady advances in the country. With hundreds of universities and scores of colleges in every discipline, the education system in India is the third largest education system in the world.

A British School

Future Of Education In India?

Education must be of a new type for the sake of the creation of a new world.
– Mahatma Gandhi

I don’t know! I have no idea where it is heading! But I guess, I HAVE THIS LITTLE THEORY OF WHERE IT SHOULD BE HEADING… Then what does the heading of my post signify? Its simple, I would like to know where it is heading, so everyone who comes across this post, is free to answer my question.

My theory

What I personally believe is that an education system should be the one in which a student not only learns languages and memorizes the theories of sciences and practices mathematics (obviously they are the very integral part of education everywhere around the world and I am not questioning their importance at all), but it should be able to create a good, civilized and independent person out of that student. The main aim of the parents who send their children to schools is to make them capable enough to support their family financially when they grow up, and that of students is to merely “pass” all the exams (of course with different target percentages and motives). What is important is the transformation of a child into a socially responsible citizen (of not only her/his nation but that of the world), which is more than often, overlooked.

When the western education became ingrained into Indian society with the establishment of the British Raj, India lost its native educational system. That is really something that I wish should not have happened. Only if we could merge the subjects from western education and Indian education, we could have done so well. It would have been the blend of morality and practicality. “If only”… it sounds so rhetorical. I strongly believe in what I typed above and I am surely going to do something about it. I strongly believe that knowledge should be free and open to use and re-use. I strongly believe that education should be able to make the students much more spiritually conscious, competent, strong-minded, decisive, independent. I strongly believe that education should not be confined to the simple linear forms that today’s textbooks present. Our focus has tended to be on inputs and outlays rather than outcomes. We continue to talk about ensuring enrolments, attendance and completion of schooling. We don’t pay enough attention to the learning outcomes at the end of schooling, and improving the quality of teachers and teaching in both Government and Private schools. People should receive credit and kudos for contributing to education and research. The concepts and ideas of imparting education should be aligned in innovative, unusual and surprising ways. The silicon technology has a large potential in this field and it will help eradicate illiteracy. Sanskrit and Hindi should be taught in a way that kicks off in students a sense of pride towards these languages, they should not be treated as mere subjects, rather as national heritage. Moral education, environmental studies, disaster management should not be treated as mere scoring subjects. A chapter or two from the Ramayana and Mahabharata should not be included in course, rather they should be boasted about as value added services by the schools. Even the parents and grand parents should read such epics to their kids in their homes. Teachers should educate children in such a way that when they grow up, they would be able to opt their stream without any advice from career counselors. Parents should allow their children to enter the field of their choice and only guide them throughout the stage in which they actually decide what they are going to do in their entire life. And may their choice be to become a doctor, engineer, actor or a musician, parents must support them in every way possible. Government should carry out programs that will educate people about the educational opportunities along with the importance of education, nationwide. Financial support should not only be mentioned in government policies but should actually be implemented and the process of taking loans should be made simple and easily accessible. Sports (not only cricket, others as well)  should also be given equal importance. Parents and teachers should encourage their children to get involved in sports etc., without pressurizing them for becoming all-rounders. Politics must be eradicated from all the universities. The division of Indians into castes and accordingly reserving seats and reducing fees for under-privileged classes should cease to happen, because it prevents talented students from getting into the college they deserve. This creates a dividing line between the general and the other castes of people. Many have committed suicides in revolt and many more might. This also results in reserving seats for management quota in schools and colleges to cope up with losses (or rather, make some more profits). How will the government explain the so-called “RIGHT TO EQUALITY” when, what it is actually doing is, discriminating its people on the basis of castes. One more thought that comes to my mind is that the students should be injected with the vaccine of nationalism in every stage of their life, so that when they grow up, they will be ready to serve their nation before serving their families.

That’s all for now but this is not all, this is what I could think about right now. There are a lot more issues like education for girls, women, adults, role of media in education, government policies and literacy rates, and much much more.

Thank you for reading.

Good day 🙂

Sheesha : Mirror for the Indian youth?

HISTORY of Shisha in INDIA (copied from Wikipedia)

The concept of hookah originated In India, once the province of the wealthy, it was tremendously popular especially during Mughal rule. The hookah has since become less popular; however, it is once again garnering the attention of the masses, and café and restaurants that offer it as a consumable are popular. The use of hookahs from ancient times in India was not only a custom, but a matter of prestige. Rich and landed classes would smoke hookahs.

Tobacco is smoked in hookahs in many villages as per traditional customs. Smoking a tobacco-molasses shisha is now becoming popular amongst the youth in India. There are several chain clubs, bars and coffee shops in India offering a wider variety of mu‘assels, including non-tobacco versions.

Koyilandy, a small fishing town on the west coast of India, once made and exported hookahs extensively. These are known as Malabar Hookahs or Koyilandy Hookahs. Today these intricate hookahs are difficult to find outside of Koyilandy and not much easier to find in Koyilandy itself.


The following are my views!

Shisha is a very popular consumable amongst school going kids (class 9th on) and college students in India. A basic shisha order would cost them a minimum of Indian Rupee ₹150 and takes almost an hour and a half to consume one order. School going children prefer to go to shisha lounges while bunking their coaching classes and college students are not usually time-bound. Every other student who says no to shisha is usually teased by his/her peer group and ultimately tries it out for the sake of his/her reputation. It’s very addictive and very easily accessible and so usually the youth develops this habit of smoking shisha at a very small age. Girls are not left behind when it comes to the consumption of shisha.

More than 50% of my friends have never told their parents that they hang around at such places and consume shisha. they usually bunk their coaching and college (even I did twice) for such hang outs. 70% of these have the membership cards which provide them shisha at a cheaper rate. So, it will not be wrong to say that some of my friends buy their own losses at substantially lower prices than my other friends do!

Advantages of this habit

1. Helps in creating a so-called “cool” image among your so-called “friends”.

2. Helps in socializing. (This would be the last way to do so, for me at least)

Disadvantages of this habit

1. You are actually becoming a fool and those friends will not help you in establishing your career.

2. Most of the friends you make while wasting your time will not waste their time on you when you are in need.

3. The time that one should spend studying is “used up” while making smoke rings.

4. The discussions carried out in such rap sessions are usually meaningless.

5. Money – you burn your money with coal and smoke it!


There may be other harmful effects of shisha, which I’m not familiar with, at the moment. There must be many other disadvantages which I’m not aware of right now!

This is not all. I have many ideas for the question: Where one could possibly spend his/her time (the one that was about to be wasted while consuming shisha) instead of killing it?

  • Attend your regular classes. (I know you will probably hate this idea)
  • Complete all the pending tasks. (We all have this bad habit of procrastinating)
  • Meet and talk to your grandparents. (They love it when they have someone to talk to)
  • Teach your favorite subject in orphanages. ( It will help you create a self-positive image)
  • Do a part-time job (and save the money for future use)
  • Help your parents out in their regular tasks. (It will make them happier)
  • Do something good for your own country. (You and I are the future of this nation, and we can’t blow this responsibility away as smoke)
  • Create groups of people with similar hobbies and aims and hang around with them for similar activities. (You’ll get to learn so much, specially about your own potential)
  • Read newspapers and magazines. (Knowledge is power)
  • Play some sports and devote our time to our hobbies. (You’ll discover the better self of yours)
  • Clean up your room, arrange your cup-board, wash your clothes once in a week. (It will make you independent)
  • Go and meet your cousins and relatives. (Family supports you when no one else does and more than any one else)
  • Visit old-age homes.

There is so much you can do, this is just a fraction of all the possibilities! Please suggest your friends not to kill their most crucial time in life by indulging in such activities. Once or twice in a blue-moon is okay, everyday consumption of shisha is not a healthy habit!

Thank You!

I was the eldest daughter of my parents…

I was the eldest daughter of my parents. I raised my younger brothers and sisters after my parents died! I could not get married because I had responsibilities.  Now, they call me up once in a blue moon,  just to check if I am still alive, or not! I met with a major accident at the age of 26 and my face was completely damaged… Before that, I used to be a beautiful woman! I helped my friend (whom I loved) marry his girlfriend. I financed some acquaintances when they needed money, they are all rich today, but they never bother to return the loans.

These are a few words that I clearly remember from our conversations! It rattled my cage when I saw her composed expressions while narrating the miserable episodes of her life. And there I sat, in a hope that I could personally meet all those people who betrayed her and slap each of them right in front of their kids. But more than that, I was angry with her because she let them have undue advantage of her generosity. Huh!! She laughed at my anger and brushed it off with her benevolent smile! I mean.. what the hell! I cannot swallow this! How can a person be so good at heart and lose almost everything.. parents, family, love, beauty, money… Why did she have to face all the ills that one can possibly imagine? Why? I really hated this!

I know I wrote about this blog as being filled with happiness… and till now, all I have blogged about is.. complaining about the present conditions in India, its people and the government, and then I’m writing a story with such a sad title “Hey… She used to be my best friend” and now I am writing down another sad excerpt from some forlorn figure’s life! But all I want to share is, despite of all the misfortunes, she lives happily.. she is content! Now how can that be..?? How positive a person can be..?? Are there no limits to optimism..?? How is it possible that she never felt depressed and enjoys every day like its her last?

I’ll write how she made it possible… soon! very soon! 🙂

We, “the Youth”, need to “react”!

I read a news recently in a local newspaper. It had interviews with some of the major taxpayers in India. They were distressed by the scams that are being revealed recently in the country. Their dismay was upon the fact that the money they pay as tax each year for the growth and welfare of their country was actually used for the benefits of corrupt and obnoxious politicians and IAS Officers. They demanded answers from the government (and the prime minister says that he’s not responsible.. he’s compelled), they want the youth to react (had they risen up against corruption in their youth, our generation would have never seen India facing such disgrace).. But hey! They asked for an open accounting system for the expenditure of the taxes .. a crystal clear one.. in which they could actually know where exactly, the amount of tax they paid is being invested by the government! Now, that is a great idea!

Now I would like to discuss all the three issues in detail (solely my opinion)
1. What kind of a Prime Minister says that he was bound to let the scams happen!
2. Why did our parents involved themselves in corruption? Why did they not react? Can we, “the youth”, do something about it?
3. Can there be an open accounting system for the income tax paid by the responsible citizens?

1. The answer to my question in statement 1. is honorable Dr. Manmohan Singh. Yeah, he gave such a statement in front of the media, so that, everyone around the globe can see and hear the unacceptable, indigestible fact. He is the Prime Minister of a developing nation and his visions for the future of that nation are very bright… What is in dark, is the present! He blames everything on the coalition government. Oh come on, who will accept that? If the person, who is accountable for the progress of a country, is not even capable of taking the decisions about the major deals and issues, then who is? Does he still deserve to stand there as the head of the Government of the Republic Of India? Okay fine, it’s a coalition government, he is working under great pressures and the fear that his government might fall if he goes against his supporters from other parties.. Does that mean, that he has got the rights to do injustice to the nation? Will you leave your parents alone, helpless in a dark place just because your neighbor is providing you with the basic necessities of life? Will you ignore the one who gave you life and brought you up, for someone who never bothered about you and never will, unless it does him some good? Now, do we need to teach him his duties?

What I want is not his resignation, it’s not justice nor justification… What I and every other honest citizen requires and demands, is the transparency of the entire government system, the bureaucracy, what we want is, to see India progressing from all the directions possible and imaginable, what we want is “The Golden Bird” back in its form! Are we asking for too much? No.. there is the potential.. I know it not only from within, but also from facts! Then why not?

2. Here’s the answer for the question above. This is because, our elder generations took the freedom for granted. They involved themselves in malpractices like corruption and it penetrated from the highest level to the lowest level, or may be even vice-versa… There is no way to find out who started it, how it was started, where and why was it started.. And we don’t even need to find that out.. We don’t want to find out that why did “they” not “react”? The question is, are we a part of it? Did our parents “donate” some huge amount of money to a college for our admission in a Government college? Did we bribe a traffic police officer after breaking a traffic rule? Did we receive such a bribe ever and do something unethical? Do we ask for bills when we buy stationary or refuel our vehicles? Do we fulfill our duties as a citizen? Do we enjoy our rights as a citizen? There can be many such questions.. The next question is do we feel guilty of your deeds?
Yeah.. Everyone feels guilty, but no one ever follows the rules, then why should I? But the question should be.. “Why should you not?” The answer should be.. I am Indian.. I love my nation.. and so I will abide by my duties before i take advantage of my rights! I will say no to bribery, I will say no to corruption, I will stand in attention when I hear the national anthem, I will pick up the flags that are thrown on the streets after independence and republic day celebrations and dispose them off respectfully, I will follow the traffic rules, I will never throw waste on the roads, I will study well and do some good for the development of India and Indians, I will pay the taxes and the list will go on….
Can we, “the youth”, do something about it? So, the answer is.. yes, we can! If we the youth will stand united against the social and political evils, we can actually change the scenario of this nation! All we need is a platform, which will bring the educated section of India together at one place and help in bringing about the change.

3. For the third question, I’ll keep it short.. It’s the 21st century and nothing is impossible! We need to rise together and demand.. trust me, that’s all we need to do!

Thanks for reading.. but this is not all.. there is a lot going on in my head.. I just need to give it a shape and then.. I’ll blog..!! 🙂

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