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What Keeps Me Going..

A few things I do for Mindless Entertainment..

I sit back, close my eyes, turn some soft music on (usually instrumental) at low volume and concentrate on it.. Aah!! It’s so pacifying!!

I listen to The Arctic Light, and the lullaby from The Twilight Saga a lot!

A leisurely walk with a friend or two.. or a conversation on phone with my closest friends.. chatting about stuff other than college or family or future.. calms me down!

I pray at times with eyes wide open.. watching the idol of Lord Krishna.. it gives me hope and strength besides soothing my brain!

Baal Gopal
I look at the old pictures of everyone.. or listen to the stories my grandma has to tell.. or play with my 5-year-old niece.. It takes off all the loads from my mind!!

I try to train my birds.. although they are a nasty bunch of disobedient budgies.. but it really makes me happy!

There are many other things that I enjoy doing…. or that help me relax.. but these 5 top the list!

I hope you enjoyed reading.. and if you are free for a minute or two.. Go ahead and tell me what things you do… other than work, which make you feel good!


Priyanka 🙂

In Memory Of “Lemo”

She’s angry because she had to bathe

My first bird friend..
A lovely parakeet...
As 'big' as my hand..
With feathers that were green...
And markings that were black..
She was so charming...
Great time we had..
Was used to hand-feeding...
That little young maid..
At times she was a darling...
Her mandible I would pat..
And sometimes so annoying...
She would turn away her back!!!
But, one day she was lying...
Outside in her cage..
When came an old flying...
Another feathered friend..
With a murderous frenzy...
Oh Lemo!! You misread..
The next scene is appalling...
I dare not envisage!!
Oh!!! I'm still missing...
My first bird friend..!!
Aqua and Lemo were adopted together

  I wish you could live longer..
But my wish can not come true..
I hope you get God's blessing..
My prayers are still with you!!
She is still angry about it 😛

Happy Birthday!!

Today is my blog’s birthday :), and my best friend’s as well.. He was a “good friend” last year… but now he’s the best.. irreplaceable.. most amazing, a total sweetheart.. here’s the birthday surprise for you..

“Birthday Boy and Me”
Happy Birth Day to....
my guide, my friend!!
All the time that..
Together we spend..
Be it live, or on chat..
Becomes a memory to....
Cherish afterwards!!
I might not be able..
to remember the words..
but feelings my friend, are unforgettable!!
All I have to do....
When I'm sad or upset..
Is to call you up..
And You take my fret..
You cheer me up!!
"I'm there for you!!"..
Is all you say..
And I don't know how..
It makes my day..
Even till now..
I wasn't failed by you
In three long years..
Not once, all along..
You have given me tears!!
So here's the song..

Happy Birthday To You

(repeat, in tune)

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear M.S. (:P)

Happy Birthday To You!!

M.S., P.S., S.M.


Did not want to irritate you like I did, but my poem was not finished..

I hope you really like it, and one day you will have learnt it, by heart..

Lots and lots of love and best wishes!!

“Full On Masti :)”

She used to be my best friend!!

We were sitting on the edge of a very small temple, which was as pretty as picture! And she proposed me!! 😀

She: I don’t know, if it is too much that I am asking, or if it is too early.. (silence)

I: Hey.. Go on.. You can tell me whatever you feel like!

She: Would you (produces a lovely little angel showpiece) like to be my “BEST FRIEND FOREVER” ?

I: Wow.!.! (snatching the showpiece, I hug her) … of-course we are! Like forever, and ever after! Thanks..!! (Smiles, tears and silence)

I don’t remember the conversation perfectly, but that was the essence.. this was the beginning of a never-ending strong bond of friendship between the two of us! But, it isn’t the beginning of my story!

I had seen her reacting out loud and at times, over-reacting at silly things (like pigeons.. what the hell!!) a few times at our coaching. But, as I don’t believe in first impressions, I never bothered to think about what I saw! We were school mates and shared the same bus and used to go to the same coaching, so we were kind of.. hi-hello friends! Then one fine day, I saw her crying.. and I don’t know why, but, I could not stop myself from asking her what was the matter and if I could help! The matter was clearly centered around a ugly duckling, another sick schoolmate of ours, whom she thought was cheating her! I am a typical female chauvinist and I told her that I am going to talk to him and make him apologize.. and she was gratified! As she stated later that day, after proposing me, “no one ever tried to do something for me, no one ever said they would fight with someone else for me, aur wo bhi itney haq ke sath .. never!!”

So now, after accepting her proposal, we started getting along, and I can’t recall what we did with that guy. We enjoyed each others’ company a lot! Her interests were very much like me, lyrics writing, fighting for girls’ rights, reading novels, listening to music, to name a few! I started spending more time with her and the other two girls (they used to be friends at that time) which resulted in, me avoiding my coolest classmates-turned-best friends! They kept complaining and I kept avoiding them. ( I regret that part… too bad!). I lost a lot of friends meanwhile.. but they were never true friends, she was. I made a lot of new friends in the process, but they were all temporary. School students have their own political issues. We spent the best times together. We lived in the same locality, so we used to be together in bus, during school hours (recess and sports and bunks), at coaching and the rest of the time, either we used to chat on phone or else we were found hanging around at each other’s place! Later, once before the boards, we had this huge fight because of a few misunderstandings created by mutual friends and a few reasons (most of which were my mistakes) that I would not like to mention. We did not talk for  almost a month! I missed her.. I also realized meanwhile, that I had lost all my friends and I could not bank upon anyone anymore. I was shattered, unhappy, distressed.. It was the worst period of my life. I was unable to study properly (we used to study together). She was also hurt. After all, we were friends for more than a year and half, and this conflict was heart breaking. Later, two girls at my coaching whom I confided in, helped me in confessing the truth in front of her.. the truth that it was my mistake, but more than that, it was all wrangled up because of rumors.. and even more than that.. I really love her!! She agreed to be friends with me again, but on one condition….

to be continued….

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