Some Serious Stuff!!

I have a lot of stuff going in mind these days. A part of me is happy about how smooth things are going in my life. I have a family that supports me and provides me with all the facilities that a 20-year-old Indian girl might need! I have the world’s best friend who love me, insult me, fight with me and then love me even more than before!! 🙂 But, there is a part in me that is restless, unhappy, not satisfied. There is some serious stuff going on around me, in my city, my state, my country and all I am doing is enjoying the easy lifestyle I am gifted with. While there are children who are not getting proper food and education.. There are homeless elderly people who are suffering every moment… There is a system so corrupt, that people are arguing to legalize corruption.. Besides all this, there is a surge of revolts all over the world.. There are people who want to liberate themselves from all the wrong that has been done.. So, now I’ll use this platform to let my thoughts flow.. I hope it does some good, in some way!

Here, I’m sharing the links to some of the posts I have made in the past..

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