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once upon a time

Please read the poem first… then come back later and read below to clear your doubst!!

I had to ask him, the author (Colin)
Why did that angel visit the earth, Colin? Why did s/he not go back when he thought everyone was mad?
Can’t understand
Stupid Priyanka :/

He is so generous.. elaborated as follows:
Dear Priyanka

The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!

I think the idea behind the poem is that even high-ups (angels, say)can be enticed into negativity. Don’t we all fall for it without realising it as we do so? Then it becomes a habit. There are some people we know who always look on the dark side of things. Not us, of course, we are never negative.

So the angel is a metaphor for people who imagine that they are high and mighty, that being negative is beneath them. But as soon as they get into negative company they succumb and become just like all the rest. The angel couldn’t leave the earth because he was perversely attracted to negativity and then it just became a habit.

For me, people who say, “Yes, but…” are the negative ones. “Yes, the world ought to be a nice place, but…” It’s just a bad habit that they’ve got into.

Does that help?



an angel visited the Earth:
for many years he thought
everybody on Earth was mad
because he could not understand

what it was they were enjoying;
then he caught the Earth disease
and began to enjoy Negative Emotions
just as they had always done

and he could no longer see the madness;
when the heavenly adjudicator came down
to tell him he had failed the test
he got madder and madder…

failed the test and forgotten something
and must remain on Earth until he remembered
what it was and had disentangled himself
from all the curious delights

of indulging in negative emotions:
sinking into the bottomless swamp
of being gloomy or bad-tempered
self-pitying   tart or caustic

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Smiling Tears.. That Made Me Strong!!


I was filling the form of a competitive exam in Axis Bank (it’s the last date to submit the form) when an extraordinarily beautiful girl walked in. Snow white skin, sharp features, light brown hair and the slightest hint of blue in her eyes. Yeah her eyes were blue and so was she. It seemed that she had cried them out until a minute ago! But, why? :/ 😦 I did not like it.. The moment I had this urge to make her happy somehow, I noticed, a smile was starting to spread from her lips.. which gleamed in her eyes the next moment.. and a tear dropped down from one of those… But this time, there was an expression of relief on her face.. she seemed to have won a long fought cause and the struggle just got over.. And yet, she was unable to decide whether to weep in joy or dissolve into laughter!! I felt triumphant 🙂 for her victory and realized that I was yearning to know what just happened to her?

I guess I know now, why I felt connected.. This is what made me sense a deja-vu when I finally convinced my father to send me out for further studies!! I had spent last few days of my life wondering that my problems won’t ever end. If I’ll solve one, another much difficult trouble will head my way. It was simply pathetic to feel so miserably weak! It was then when I met Sana….

She took the same form from the reception and came to sit beside me! Mmmmm.. Nice fragrance.. CK I suppose! I was wanting to talk to her but she spoke before I could find the right words. It was a child-like voice, the way it sounds when they wake up and rub their sleep from their eyes!! Soft, lazy.. but, strong.. a little more than a murmur! She enquired about what details to fill in. I explained it to her and it was strangely satisfying to have helped her! There was a battle going on in my mind.. a battle between my decency and my curiosity! Should I ask her the cause of her sorrow and then, how she overcame it? As usual, the boring and irritating.. decent me, prevailed!

Now, as soon as I gave my curiosity, the instructions to shut it up.. She spoke again.. this time her voice more composed and even.. But, there was the sound of a longing.. a desire to express herself.. to let the cat out of the bag in-front of some stranger.. and feel easier in her mind.. She told me all about it.. That she was an MBA aspirant just like I was.. How she had gone for further studies to some other city and her parent’s brought her back within a month.. That she had a hard time convincing her family, that all she wants is two years from her own life.. That she will not run away with just anyone.. That she will come back home after she was done with her master’s degree.. That she will marry the guy of their choice and not her own!!

How sick.. but true.. You have to take permission to live your own life from those who have already lived more than half of theirs!! This problem is faced by a lot many Indian girls.. But, the scenario is changing.. slowly and steadily!!!

Anyways, she was happy now.. her family convinced.. all the arrangements made.. all she had to do was clear this management entrance test.. and get out of this web where she was entangled for almost 21 years!! I kept listening all this while, “hmmmm’ing” and “ohhh..okay’ing”, time and again! Her struggle story gave me more strength than her success story.. This is what helped me try.. to talk to my dad.. This is what made me think positive again.. I’ll always be thankful to her!!

I’m glad I met you Sana..

You are an inspiration to me!!

All the very best for the rest of your life!!

May you get all that you deserve and wish for!

Hugs.. Priyanka!!

From A Child

May be some day the parent’s will realise…
That when we fall, we learn to rise.. all by ourselves..
But moreover.. We, the childeren need to learn..
How to convince them.. without hurting them..
I really loved your poem nikki!! 🙂


When I was born, you named me,

You decided good and bad for me…

When I grew up a bit,

You handed me a do’s n dont’s list…

I thought whatever you say is right,

and followed, with all my might…

But then, you thought you can control me,

and  whatever i dreamt of was vague to thee…

I tried explaining what i want,

You ignored and continued to daunt…

You think you knew the best for me,

But I feel you never understood me…

When I was persistent and tried to highlight my view,

You said I was manner less and not respecting you…

If that is what you think, then so be it,

and let my life be the way I want it…!

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I’ll Try..

The only time I feel frustrated and helpless is when people, who are close to me (my family, my friends) do not get my drift. I’m going through the same right now. Every single nerve and muscle of my body, especially my brain.. is shouting at the top of its voice..

“I want you to understand what I am thinking right now..” 

 The only problem is I am not able to explain exactly what I am thinking right now. Now, this should not be a problem with a person who wants to become a famous writer/novelist/lyricist one day. But, it is! And this is because I don’t want to speak my brain out and yet want the listener to understand what it is thinking, on their own. Here, I am assuming that this person has a wonderful observation power and a keen intellect.

Another major reason for this is that my friends understand me so well. They just look into my eyes and get the point. or read my expressions and body language.. and at times the unintelligible words that i mumble impatiently!!

And today, I need the strength to speak it out, explain it to that person, whom I really want to get the picture clearly now. God bless me!!

Some To Think About

I completely agree.. Never ever give false impressions to young children, because we are actually distorting the shape of their future.. Young guys must be taught to respect girls from the beginning and young girls must be taught the difference between display of affection and physical abuse!! (This behavior might even lead us to a society that is free of crimes through which girls are abused). Please do not mind the foul language! Hats off to the writer of

Views from the Couch

On a somewhat serious note today because of a conversation the other day:

I am sure every girl can recall, at least once as a child,  coming home and telling their parents, uncle, aunt or grandparent about a boy who had pulled her hair, hit her, teased her, pushed her or committed some other playground crime.  I will bet money that most of those, if not all, will tell you that they were told “Oh, that just means he likes you”.  I never really thought much about it before having a daughter of my own.  I find it appalling that this line of bullshit is still being fed to young children.  Look, if you want to tell your child that being verbally and/or physically abused is an acceptable sign of affection, i urge you to rethink your parenting strategy.  If you try and feed MY daughter that crap, you better…

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Xpressions 2012


Xpressions is a 4 day college fest organized by the students of IIPS – DAVV annually. When I joined IIPS, I came to know that it is the only department in DAVV university that runs 7 programs (as mentioned on the website), including MBA, B.Com, MCA and M.Tech. Xpressions is one event in which all the students enrolled for the different courses come together to take part as teams and opponents. Each team is composed of 16 members from UG and PG technical n managerial courses and 5 official supporters (and a few unofficial as well). The team members are from technical and managerial courses so that they can compete efficiently in the fusion of more than 25 techno-management events. Two theme days are conducted before the event starts. The theme could be anything like Gender Switch (guys have to dress up as girls and vice-versa), Animals, Cartoon Characters, Retro Theme, from Stone-age to Modern Age, etc. During these two days, each of the teams introduce themselves to the faculty, organizing committee, other competing teams and the rest of the students. This is the time when the event is launched, when the teams play skit, dance insanely on dhol, promote their teams. They also have to compete in various prelims conducted by the various pavilions of OC. Those teams that clear these rounds, qualify for the final events.

One of the teams

Organizing Committee

There are 5 Pavilions in the OC namely, Finance, Informal, Technical, Bazaar (meaning market) and HR (human resources). These consist of students in a flat structure, where they together create challenges that are to be thrown at the participating teams.

OC also comprises of the Creative Group, the Disciplinary Committee and the Anchors. The creative group completely changes the look of IIPS campus for these 4 days (for the good of course, by decorating our campus). The disciplinary committee is responsible for maintaining the decorum of the event and have the authority top deduct points from any team that does not comply with the rules, regulations and norms. The anchors host the all the final events and I am one of them this year.

A little too excited, nervous and yet confident… because all the people out there are a part of my family.. the IIPS family… and I am gonna rock it!!!

Love leads to God..!!

I came across the following text while preparing for my exam…

And I thought its worth sharing… as it holds my views of Love, Life and God!


‘God has just dipped us into the nectar of love, which is the spice of life. Why does a newborn baby start crying the moment she comes into this materialistic world? How does a baby recognize her mother? Why does she sleep peacefully in her mother’s arms?

A mother’s womb for a baby is nothing less than a temple, for there is only love. Enjoying life in such a sweet atmosphere, the baby feels safe in her mother’s womb. God resides in a temple, so a foetus is regarded as an incarnation of God. And when a baby comes into the world, she is separated from the spiritual world of freedom.

Every breath of the mother is connected to the breath of the baby. Every beat of the mother’s heart is connected to the heartbeat of the baby. Why then shouldn’t she recognise her mother? This is true love. When the universe was created, God showered his pure love on everybody. His love for us is boundless. We pray to God because we are grateful to him.
We tend to forget God in times of happiness. Most of the times we do not show kindness to others once we get happiness. God wants us to put our feet on the ground and live a life of love. Serving the children of God is the best way to love God. No human being should be deprived of love and kindness.

Kindness and courage both are different dimensions of love. Kindness is the virtue of being compassionate and merciful towards others, be it to our own baby or someone else’s, be it our friend or a stranger. Every living being in some way or the other is an image of God. By showing love towards all we can hope to achieve this quality. In the same way, courage in troubled times is not everybody’s cup of tea. Just as we should love others, it’s also important to love ourselves and the life given to us by God. The holy spirit of God within us is called the soul. Hence, it is God who is responsible for every good deed that we do.
Joys and sorrows are like day and night. We must welcome every emotion that God wants us to experience, with courage. Nothing is permanent, neither joys nor sorrows. No matter how dark the night, it is followed by day. No matter how painful the sorrow is, joy is bound to follow. Overcome sorrows with courage.

Nowadays there is terrorism in the name of religion. Terrorism is a dimension of hatred. God is a symbol of love. Spreading hatred for the sake of God is not justified since God can never ever be happy to see bloodshed. Gandhi fought for love and unity through the peaceful way of satyagraha . Unity cannot exist without love. Anything that brings us closer to God is love. Classical dancers worship God through their dance. Through this they gain wisdom and attain the highest spiritual freedom.

All her life Meerabai loved Krishna, she worshipped Krishna. She did not bother what the world would say about her. She just wished to be close to God, she just wished to be close to love. She is remembered as a great devotee of God. One should always choose the right path and then have the conviction and belief to tread it. This is what Meera did. Think of Krishna, and Meera comes to mind. True love brings us closer to God. God is love. Man, too, can become love.’

The Opening Statement..!!

Hello world!

This is my first blog ever and I really don’t have much to say right now! I would like to dedicate it to my BFF, just like she did hers to me!

I created my blog on with the aim to improve my writing skills, rebuild my knowledge of the english language, develop my thought process and fabricate my opinions about everything that I come across; may it be the newspaper articles I read daily, or be it a random experience of my life. I hope that at some point in time, I will feel that Facebook isn’t as addictive as blogging is!

At present, I am a little tired, and so I’d like to end it here.

Thank You!

p.s. : BFF stands for Best Friend Forever.


A state of serenity

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