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Oblivion Is Bliss!!!


That impulse is dying down..

As the child in me is growing up..

As I’m learning to register the facts..

That the bonds are as strong..

As the need of the hour..

That relationships might not last forever..

That it always is a matter of convenience..

Which is why they tell, what is partially true..

And it did not happen out of the blue..

Things have always been like this..

It struck me today.. It struck so late..

Now its hard to keep alive, the faith..

All I can say now is, that oblivion is bliss!


Life is better, when you decide you don’t care!

Life is better, when you decide you don’t care..¬†

It might sound bookish, or may be impractical.. But, it actually works!!!! When you love the life you live and live the life you love.. you’ll find yourself content with wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you do!!!

When u simply don’t care…………. nobody can affect you, change you, trouble you, or irritate you…………. and you’ll be your true self……….. Love like your heart is unbreakable, live like you only have today and act like every dream will come true………………. This is what is required for a perfect life………. Wish for nothing extra and trust me, you’ll be truly blessed!!!!!

May be a time comes when you find yourself in a big mess, a time might come when you realize that you’ve made a blunder ūüė¶ ……….. So what???? Everybody makes mistakes……….. but by not learning from it, and cursing yourself for it would be the worst thing to do in that situation………….. Think the other way round………… Even after that, you can say…………. I did what i wanted to and YES, I’VE MADE A BIG MISTAKE!!!! But at least I had the guts to do what I wanted to and I had an EXPERIENCE; I fell down, OK……. But I’ll pick myself right back up, dust myself off, and work for perfection. :-]

Life is what you make it……… So make sure that you go for whatever you wish to do…….. Have no burnt bridges, no stones unturned and most importantly of all make sure to have no regrets…….. Life is short………….FOLLOW YOUR HEART, AND FOLLOW IT NOW!!!! And because life is really short, break your heart into small pieces.. send them here and there and follow all those pieces.. And please DO NOT FORGET TO USE YOUR BRAIN to track those pieces (says my friend) :-]

You can’t control people, their thoughts, but you can control how you react to them!!! It isn’t their life……….ITS TOTALLY YOURS!!!! In the end you’ll be all by yourself and at that time, when you look back……… should have no wish unfulfilled…………

And remember the following lyrics from the song ‘Welcome To Wherever You Are‘ by Bon








Destiny is not yet decided!!!

I’m not sure how destiny works… But, what I do believe is that, our decisions build our future… Dance if you want to, sing if you like to, write if you think you can.. Not because others think you should, not because others think you can.. As it is¬†YOU who will have to live with that choice of becoming a dancer, singer or a writer forever..

What makes me write all this? I am an MBA aspirant and I have been doing my research from a year and a half. I always knew that I can not work under someone for long. I always wanted to employ others, bring a change, & become a writer (3 of my most ‘I really¬†truly want this to happen’ kind of desires).

So first, I thought about how could I achieve all this? The best answer was:¬†Learn management –> Become a business-woman–> Employ others –> Continue writing side by side –> Bring about that “change” with the help of both, management and writing skills!!¬†{What kind of “change” am I going on about? It’s the Indian education system and the future of India. (More about it, later in some random post.)}

Now that I was clear about doing an MBA or else, PGDM (doesn’t really make much difference to me), I had to consider about all the entrance exams that I could appear for.. [Each selection I made, led me to another set of choices.]¬†Then I had to choose among the various coaching classes available.. After which, I had to explore my options for the trainings that I could undergo.. Later, it was about which stream should I specialize in.. And now, that the results are out for various exams (and some are still highly awaited), I’m wondering which college will accept my score, and where should I apply. All of this was not very easy, because all these preferences are going to shape up my future. The number factors that I did consider before shortlisting a few b-schools were many, some of which are:

  • Where is the college situated?
  • Will I be able to afford the fee, will I get a loan sanctioned?
  • Does my choice of stream matches with that university’s flagship program?
  • What is the structure of course curriculum?
  • How strong and¬†proficient the faculty is?
  • What is the culture of that college? Does it reflects within my personality?
  • What all companies come for placements and what profiles do the offer?
  • What has been the average CTC (for freshers¬†in my case) in the past few years?
  • What kind of industrial exposure is provided in the campus?
And many other factors like do my parents know about this b-school, will they let me go? What kind of alumni base does that b-school have? What is their selection criteria? Will I be eligible for the college of my choice? If eligible, will I be able to crack the selection process? Tons and tons of such questions have been swarming in my mind from past few months and this is what made me think about all of this through a more practical yet, philosophical approach. One has to live with their decisions forever, one must be wise while taking one!!
It could be decision regarding whom do you choose to sit with in your primary class? (That person might end up being your best friend for the years to come!!!)
It could be the train you take to travel across your city/country? (That train might be the one which a terrorist group choose to attack the same day!!!)
It could be the subject you take up in your senior school. (Now, this will not only decide your fate, but also that of your family, your nation!!)
It could be the choice of watching some random movie. (It might change your character as a person, if it’s some epic movie like Invictus!!!)
It could be a restaurant you pick for a date, or an outfit you wear for an interview… Just go with your heart, do your research whenever required and once decided, then let it flow… Things will fall into place with their own pace. You will make mistakes, learn from them, mend your ways and move on. And over the years you will realize that what destiny did, was nothing more than showing you the outcome of your choices!!!

Little Or No Little?

Some small little things that make you considerably happy, cheer you up, even if you don’t realize their worth…

When you are new to a place and to your disbelief, you run into an old friend…

When you decide to ask for his/her number, but he/she asks you before you do…

When you are holding back your tears and your friend comes out of the blue¬†and hugs you…

When you wanna dance and unknowingly your friend starts humming the latest item number…

When you are checking out your crush from a distance and unexpectedly he/she beams at you…

When you return home after a long day , and realize that your mother has made your favorite meal…

When you don’t feel like explaining, and your friend gives you a ‘I know, I understand’ kind of a look…

When you are simply too tired to stay up and your best friend calls up, to share with you, a good news…

When you are looking at an old message from a friend, and suddenly you receive a message from them…

When you are walking down the road and someone chooses to park their bike and walk along with you…

When you wake up late during exams, yearning for more sleep and your father makes you a cup of coffee…

When you like a friend’s status on Facebook, and they choose to thank only you out of the other 40 people…

When you don’t learn 2 units and not a single question appears from the two of them in the question paper…

When you write a romantic song on a table, leave it unfinished and mysteriously it is complete the next day…

When you score a single mark more than what your most severely disliked classmate does in any of the exams…

I have been through every single situation that I mentioned above… hopefully you did too… maybe you didn’t figure it out then… but all those small little feelings were actually no little… they were the big things!!!

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