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I’m insane today :P

Had this funny little chat with one of my favorite buddies after a fit of pique.. Felt like sharing!!
me: I’ll start a story, you continue.
abi: Nice 😀
me: It should be a funny one.
abi: Hey! That is cool. 😀
me: Then, I’ll publish it on my blog, if its good enough. Let us see how creative you are!!
abi: Woaah, so it has to be decent.
me: I’m starting now..
Its 3am, and we hear a distant noise.. someone is honking a horn… this late!!
Next we hear the gravels are being displaced on the rusty road.. and the sound of a motor..
abi: It’s a van, that is coming closer towards us, as we stare into the blinding headlights, hoping to get a lift at this time on the lonely highway. The van slows down near us but doesn’t stop. We almost got a lift [Yaieee!!! Saviour :)]
(me: it’s not a horror story)
abi: hahha 😀
Well, thanks to you for being so ugly, we could not get a lift! 😡
The guy was probably spotting the girl standing next to me. Arghh!!! Irritating 😛
me: Yeah… not the guy.. your reaction! It was so immature of you. I’m not even your girlfriend in the story. 😡
Now I thought to myself, why did that guy not kidnap me?
abi: I already told you, YOU ARE UGLY. He got scared!!
me: And then my wish comes true with a truck that came 10 minutes after the van had gone. This guy looks pretty dangerous. He applies the brake as you asked for lift. You jump in and now it’s my turn. But hey!! I was the one who wanted to be kidnapped. Yet, he chooses to drive away without me. He drives for approximately 200m and stops with a sudden jerk. I have a gut feeling, that his intentions are not good. So, I start running towards the truck with all my energy.
abi: God. That is why the road still has potholes!!!
me: Oh sh**… The truck driver is gay!!!!
abi: Nice sh**!!
me: He’s trying to molest you.. OMG!!
abi: Even better
me: I climb into the driver’s area from the other end.
abi: Then you save me?
me: I start searching for something in my bag frantically.
abi: To save me?
me: I take out a pepper spray, look at it in utter disgust (I am allergic to pepper) and throw it away.. Then, I take out my knife, look at it impatiently and throw it away as well.. Aha!! Finally, to my amusement and pleasure, I found what I wanted… my handy cam.. I turn on the camera and request the truck driver for action replay!
hows that?
abi: That was predictable!
Now when that truck guy comes, he doesn’t stop as well. He goes.
Me: Oye, now that is boring!
abi: Then a cyclist comes.. Even he doesn’t stop! He goes.
me: But, we run after him, attack him!!
abi: Aahh!! There u go, again!
me: We tie him to a rope and the other end of the rope with the cycle. Now, I ask u to sit. You try to sit on the cyclist’s seat and I slap you hard in the face and ask you to shift ahead.
abi: ah
me: Yer shocked but, you follow my orders. (I see some sense in you for the first time)
abi: Again, predictable!!!
me: Now m riding d cycle.. Yoohooo.. Now, if that was predictable, Guess the speed?
But, remember.. Yer sitting at the front and we are dragging the cyclist
abi: Yeah! Pretty good story. Must be a 100 miles an hour, looking at you!
me: Your turn.
abi: Well!! I’ll start from scratch.
me: Nooooooooo!!!! Its d same story.
abi: Great then!
me: You are being molested by the truck driver.. Tell me how do you feel?
abi: That is just great.. Its ecstatic!!
me: Ohh really?
abi: Oh! I am feeling great. 🙂
me: I’m definitely gonna publish it! Definitely!!
abi: I dunno how I got into it!!
me: And now… The next thing that truck driver realizes is, that he is being physically abused.. by you.
abi: Oh great!!
me: This is fun. We should do this more often!
abi: I didn’t know when that happened as well.
me: I like it!! 😀
abi: Yeah I’m sure.
me: haha 😛
abi: Anyways, its 3:15am in the story.
(My good wait.. My great friend is imagining me getting raped-molested by a truck driver while I am looking for a ride like a non-perverted normal person)
me: What The …
abi: lol
me: You better continue..
abi: That is what u get for imagining sh** 🙂
me: But it was funny! 😉
abi: Well now there is this car which finally stops near us. As we look to thank the driver, we see that the car is actually empty!! How was it driving itself? :O
me: It’s not a horror story. Now, reality strikes my mind.. It is Harry Potter in his invisibility cloak in Mr. Weasley‘s car, who is driving the car.
abi: Suddenly it becomes rainy and stormy and we have no other option. We are forced to sit in the car
me: because you were wearing white and we could not stand there as white goes transparent when it rains!
abi: ..but I’m driving it now, or so I thought!!
abi: Aahh.. well that’s a problem for girls ! not guys :/
me: Its my story as well. Don’t try 2 act bossy
abi: In fact, I have seen guys wear the strangest sh** these days!! Like torn stuff..
me: Are you gay or what? Noticing guys and all?
abi: Well.. girls don’t wear anything these days.. so if I have to see clothes, I look at guys.. lol!
me: If girls don’t wear anything, why do you even bother to have a look at the clothes?
abi: There you go, again!!
me: You are definitely gay.. I’m 100% sure now!
me: Anyways, let us finish the story. You think you are driving herby, but you are not because its Harry!
abi: Yeah easy.. I drop you home!
me: What next?
abi: lol.. The End!!
me: Harry drops me home and you go on with the car, as he gets down with me!
abi: Yeah! I get to keep the car 😉
me: And I get to keep Harry. Now you just don’t need to know what happened next. Happy ending 🙂
abi: Yeah really 😛 I got a new car 😀
me: And the moral of the story is… beware of truck drivers Abi! 😉
abi: moral of the story is… when Priyanka is in bad mood, she can actually start speaking any sh** 😛  ! lol 😉

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