And this is all about me!

This blog is contaminated with exuberance. I created this tagline for my blog because recently I decided to fill my life with buoyancy and happiness and so, I will try to take down the assortments of all the positive experiences of my life over here! “A miracle is not to walk on water, or swim in the air….. it is to live happily and die satisfied.”

This is a good day to begin with this odyssey ( it’s a very close friend’s birth day today) and I am as happy as a clam! I made a video for that friend with my niece today in which I sang the birth day song (I  am a music maniac) and she danced (even i love to dance) all around! My friend loves it, and it has made me even happier! How I never understand why do I feel so delighted when I make someone smile!

About me, I would like to say that I change every moment. My thoughts travel like wind and they are so swift and so varied! I am a Libra (by birth date) and so usually, you will find me debating about almost anything, and you can find me in support of the same topic for which I was in opposition a few minutes ago! It happens very rarely that I agree with someone (either I don’t have knowledge about that topic or I want to avoid it). The side I take, mostly depends upon which side you take! I don’t know myself very well…. but the part I know…. is the best I have seen! I always favor myself. It makes me a confident person.

I don’t believe in first impressions. Most of my friends tell me that my first impression on them was not very pleasant but when they got to know me later, they actually found me to be the exact opposite of what they thought of me initially. You know what it implies, right?

I believe in taking risks…. I have often had fights with the guys who were taken as villainous in school… I loved playing khi-kho and football… I cannot stand doing something that I don’t believe in, even if it is against the social norms. So, either I decide to not do such things or else, I oppose them. Yeah! I have suffered a lot because of my out of the box kind of thinking. But, all such experiences have without a doubt, improved me as a person.

Life is too short for negative feelings…. So, I have developed this habit of forgiving and forgetting. It works in a little different manner for me. I forgive people if they ask for excuse and if they deserve it, or else, I forget people who never realise what wrong they did (to me, my friends or may be a stray dog)! But, when it comes to me, yes, u can call me biased, I always try to learn from my mistakes and then forgive myself for what I have done and once I have learnt my lesson, I tend to forget the mistake, but not the lesson.

My hobbies include singing, staring at my dad’s collection of stamps and coins, driving, travelling, writing, trying out new food, socialising and doing regular things in different ways. My latest obsession (except for music) is with my mac! I love nature, animals and birds more than I love humans! My craziest dream is to go on an expedition in the most dangerous wild forests around the world! I have a long wish list and I’ll mention about each of my wishes in the following posts!

These are a few of my favorite quotes:

‘Whether you think you  can, or you think you can’t… you are right!’

“Where there are friends…. there’s life” – by me

“When you wanna give up, and your hearts about to break…..Remember that you’re perfect, God makes no mistakes..!!”

On an ending note, I am in love with my life…. I have an amazing family, the craziest of friends…. and the best part is…. I am an Indian!!!! I am very proud of being an Indian. The more the media talks about scams, rapes, and other ill practices in the country, the more patriotic i feel. It provokes in me, a feeling of doing something good for my mother nation that will create an impact, change its scenario and will last forever!

10 responses to “And this is all about me!

  • sarvagya

    impressive description….i liked d way u hav put it (though i knew all dese thngs….:)…).
    also gud quotations…especially d 1st 1 (a miracle….)


  • pinkatenchanted

    hehe… thank you teddy! finally you made the comment! 🙂 yeah, thats my favorite too! 😀

  • Eris of Discord

    It sounds like you have a plan. And hey, we both love music! Wouldja look at that. I’m droppin’ in, mostly just to say hi, mostly also to see what all your blog is about since apparently you liked mine enough to start following. Looks like you’re havin’ fun! But also like you don’t get many visitors, which is a crying shame. I’ll check out your work if you like- be it poems or updates or music- and I’d be absolutely flattered if you’d find the time to check my stuff out too. Already tickled that you thought ’bout following me, so thanks!

    I hope to see more of your exuberant energy in the future, it’s very refreshing!



    Nature is the most awesome thing. I will never stop being in love with nature. The only thing that can come close is music, prose or poetry.

    • pinkatenchanted

      Hey Eris..
      Everyone has plans, don’t they? I was really pleased to see the way you have maintained your blog and the volume of your text. I don’t really like to publish all my writings.. I don’t know why! I’m not a regular blogger and that is the only reason I don’t have many visitors. 😛 I actually haven’t read any of your stories, but I started following your blog because I really want to read all of them and did not want to lose the link. :/ I’ll start reading as soon as I’m through with my admissions! I’ll love it if you visit my blog time and again, and drop in your suggestions and thoughts. 🙂

      Thank You

      I second your opinion about nature, music, prose and poetry! Keep writing. Cheers!

  • nomoreloneliness

    Hi Priyanka – what a great comment you left for me – thanks!

    I loved reading your ‘about me’ page – how lovely to hear about someone so happy in their life and so full of exuberance – the fizzing energy really comes across…

    (btw I’m a Mac bird, too – why on earth would anyone want a PC, do you think?!?)

    The closest I’ve come to India is a transfer at Delhi airport en route to Nepal; Kashmir does sound heavenly, as does Darjeeling. I may be back in Kathmandu this month so will wave in your general direction from the roof of the world.


    • pinkatenchanted

      Hey Arabella, welcome to my blog.. I’m glad that you felt these vibes.. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for the appreciation!! I’m an amateur writer and would really love it if you guide me at times!! 🙂

      (Aah… all those people using PCs are ignorant!! :/)

      Wow.. so close and yet so far!! Yeah, I do that a lot… Waving at the passing by planes!! May be I did that last time before you were landing in Delhi!!

      I’ve never been to Darjeeling but I know you are right!!

      Cya around WordPress

  • fromsonika

    Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award.
    You can check the rules for nominating other at
    Cheers !

  • Eris of Discord


    I’m nominating you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award, because you have been an incredible inspiration for me and my poems. ❤ Triggering new poems from me isn't somethin' everyone and their sister does and I adore your work and reading about your life. So you very much deserve this.

    Should you choose to accept the nomination, here's some info (admittedly not much, awards are always vague)- in the post you may or may not have already read- about the award.


    If you don't wanna or don't have time or what-have-you, that's fine! Just know you have my full on appreciation for all the awesome things you do and the way you write- as well as your endless exuberance. I'm inspired every time I come here because you just don't give up, though life can't be easy. ❤

    Otherwise, here are the rules for acceptance as I understand them:

    Nominee is encouraged to thank the nominator for the nomination and in turn linkback.

    Nominee must divulge 7 random facts (or things, I suppose? Technicalities, technicalities!) about themselves

    Nominee must nominate 7 other bloggers for the award (Well, okay, I tried, I swear!) and tell them they have been nominated (but really, that one should be obvious, right?)

    You're a bloggin' friend and a wonderful person. Above all else, keep on bein' you. ❤


  • fromsonika

    Hi. I would like you to know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award….
    It is always a pleasure to visit you blog 🙂

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