Oblivion Is Bliss!!!


That impulse is dying down..

As the child in me is growing up..

As I’m learning to register the facts..

That the bonds are as strong..

As the need of the hour..

That relationships might not last forever..

That it always is a matter of convenience..

Which is why they tell, what is partially true..

And it did not happen out of the blue..

Things have always been like this..

It struck me today.. It struck so late..

Now its hard to keep alive, the faith..

All I can say now is, that oblivion is bliss!


About Priyanka Sabu

Love reading, like expressing. Love travelling, like clicking. Love food, but can't cook. Love music, like singing. Love to live in the moment, like dreaming. View all posts by Priyanka Sabu

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