World Sparrow Day

I feel like a free bird today.. I don’t know how to express my happiness.. but I can of course share the reason of being happy.. I just got admission in GIM.. my dream college!! yay 😀

Anyways.. today is world sparrow day and I’d like you to visit this website and have a look… Am a little short of words today.. Will write again soon!!

I love my birds 🙂


Do read the comment by Eris below.. It’s osm! ❤ 🙂

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Love reading, like expressing. Love travelling, like clicking. Love food, but can't cook. Love music, like singing. Love to live in the moment, like dreaming. View all posts by Priyanka Sabu

2 responses to “World Sparrow Day

  • Eris of Discord

    Fly forth, fly forth
    little bird, little bird
    Fly, your wings now spread
    No, flap
    No float away
    On a breeze dappled in red

    Like leaves that fall or glide right down
    Twisting, turning anew
    Covered in gold
    Yellow and orange
    In every kind of hue

    Don’t close your eyes
    Little bird
    Little bird,
    Don’t let those black orbs shut
    The sky ahead
    A future- no dread!

    To be free
    In the air

    So wonderful there
    Now your dreams
    Have all
    Come true.

    Congratulations, Priyanka! ❤ I wanted to drop in to say this and that and the other. I found this wonderful news here waiting for me! I was instantly inspired for a poem and had to share it with you! Especially since basically it is yours. Keep it until they all really do come true, please!


    • pinkatenchanted

      Thank You so much Eris… It’s always so good to hear (read) from you 😛 I’m a little too busy these days.. I don’t like it when I can’t find time to write or respond.. Thanks a lot for coming here time and again… 🙂

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