He would have been as tall as Akshay Kumar.. And, his built, similar to Late Mr. Sunil Dutt (as I have estimated after looking at the old snapshots). By now, he would have turned 90 (My grandma is 82.. so, another guess).. Even at the this age, I believe, he would still have been muscular!

 All that I know about my grand father is through my grandma’s narrations, old video CDs of his children’s wedding and my own imagination! My parents don’t like to talk about him because it makes them emotionally weak, they feel miserable.. They still don’t want to believe that he is no more. As for me, it was not hard to accept because he passed away in 1989 and I was born 2 years later!

Late Shri Sitaram Sabu, was born in Udaipurwati when India was under British rule.. Maa (Grandma) does not remember his birthdate (I wanna know his sun-sign). They got married when Maa was 12 years old (this she remembers, huh!) and he would have been 20 (this she assumed).

He had lived in Rajasthan, Kolkata, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh (Indore). He was a part of the Indian struggle for independence. They had 8 children.. 5 boys (2 of whom met their end in childhood) and 2 girls. He was a wonderful, a dependable father to all his children alike and the cutest grandfather to my siblings. I’m the only child in my generation who was unable to meet him, see him.. who was neither pampered nor blessed by him..

This does not make me sad, but deep inside I have this longing.. that if only.. he was there to teach me to speak, to walk, to eat with my own hands.. to scold me if I did something wrong and later, try to convince me to talk to him.. to buy me new clothes every now and then and tell my mom off, if she complained.. to bring me chocolates without any occasions, to give me his collection of stamps as a keepsake (which I have already obtained from my father).. to tell his tale and basically love his smallest, cutest, and most adorable grand-daughter.. I just feel that I was deprived of such a lovely relationship, every time I come across a grand-dad and his little angel in his arms, or find someone who looks like a grand-father!

He was gone before I came, yet I never complain.. I don’t know why!! Knowing about him brings tears in my eyes, but it never makes me unhappy.. I don’t know why!! I never met him, yet I miss him.. I don’t know why!! I dunno him, yet I love him.. .. I don’t know why!! (Please tell me if you have the answers). My closest guess is that there’s a part of him in me which does not like to see me upset..

I know you can’t read this but I hope you do Bauji!


Pinky 🙂 

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6 responses to “Grandpa!!!

  • fromsonika

    Great Post.
    Even I have never seem my nanaji. All I know of him is from my nani’s stories or mom’s frequent disclosure of old memories. The funniest thing is that we live now where he used to once live! I always wonder how he would have been and the life we would have had together. Thank you for sharing this post 🙂

    • pinkatenchanted

      Heya Sonika..
      Well.. I haven’t seen my nanaji as well, he passed away when my mother was 11 😥 … Maine unki bhi sirf stories suni hai.. and it feels strangely awesome whenever I visit his place.. I thought I’m mad.. But now I know, that it’s normal!! But, I don’t want to be called normal.. So I’m terming us, both as two crazy people!! Don’t mind!
      Thanks for the read and words of appreciation.. 🙂
      Where did you find the link to my blog btw?

  • Colin Blundell

    Speak to my grandchildren and they’ll tell you that I am crazy so obviously I think ‘crazy’ is excellent. However the eldest (your age) has kind of changed her mind since I’ve been able to help her with her philosophy essays while she’s been doing her degree and the youngest two get really excited by the music I write for them to play – one of them is a brilliant cellist.

    It’s strange the attachments we form for people. The last thing I remember about my grandfather who still lives in my soul was that when I asked how long he was staying on a visit he started putting his boots on and teasing with, “So you want me to go now then?” (about 1942)

    Colin 🙂

    • pinkatenchanted

      I guess this is why we are called social animals.. we love to be loved, cared for, appreciated etc.!! Relationships and bondings that we form on earth.. prevent us from become those mad angels 😛

      I’m so glad to know that you too think crazy is excellent!!

      Whatever they think of you, I’m sure they adore their grandfather as much as you were fond of yours!!! I always feel good after communicating with you! 😀


      PS: Hope you know what pranaam means!!

  • surbhi mishra

    same here… pinka.. i’ve never seen my nanaji .. n i have same love n respect for him… he was TI at tht tym… n woh waise nhi the.. jaise aaj kal gvt officers hote h… 🙂

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