Sweet Ain’t Good

I was talking to an old friend..
And what had been once a trend..
Happened to me once again..

A long time it had been..
Since someone called me sweet..
It would, once have been a treat..

But, there's nothing to celebrate..
Today, I'm in a different state..
Okay, I'll speak it straight..

May be I'm not sweet anymore..
Now, I prefer spicy, or..
Even lemon like sour!!

I have changed with time..
And I would in fact admire..
If you find me salt-like..

Back then I was naive..
Learnt with time, I have..
A lesson that's pretty grave..

From an elder's point of view..
That all that is simply too..
sweet may rot and be no good!

About Priyanka Sabu

Love reading, like expressing. Love travelling, like clicking. Love food, but can't cook. Love music, like singing. Love to live in the moment, like dreaming. View all posts by Priyanka Sabu

5 responses to “Sweet Ain’t Good

  • surbhi mishra

    hehehe.. change is part of life motiii…
    n it ws nicely defined here…:)

    change is the only thing which is not changeable 😉 😛

  • Eris of Discord

    To change is to change is to change
    My friend
    We all will see that at end

    To flow from one sharp word
    To another
    And then to flow back again

    With wit and spice and a tongue
    Like a sword
    I’ll slip just under your guard

    But at once at a tap from your hand
    Or a rap
    Perhaps I’ll change my card-

    To a jack, to a queen, to an ace at the highest
    Or lowest
    I don’t think it matters

    From spicy to sweet to bitterly neat
    Like a spider
    Whose web is in tatters

    I flit, I fly, I flew from here
    With hopes all held so high
    But to change
    Is to change
    Is to change
    My dear
    And I’d love to see you try it


    PS: I love it. As well as the personal journey it represents. But I'm totes biased, being fluid gendered and therefore never the same one day or hour to the next!

    • pinkatenchanted

      Wow.. Amazing poem buddy.. I have been changing since ever.. It’s just that I did not accept it earlier, but now I do.. Proudly!!


      PS: Change brings excitement to life.. You’ll never be bored.. 🙂

      • Eris of Discord

        You were my inspiration for it! I can only take so much credit. x3

        Change is probably the single best defined trait I have! I pride myself (though not too much) on my ability to shift from one mindset to another! ^^ It’s cool to hear that you’ve come to accept it~

        I agree. I think change is beautiful. It’s probably why I love poetry so much, the way it describes raw feeling and what it means to every individual is always changing! It’s awesome!

        Never stop writing your awesome poems. I mean, you know, unless you have to force them and they stop being fun. x3


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