I Tried and It Worked!!

I felt so vulnerable..
But, thought I'll be able..
To speak what's in my mind..
So, over the beverage..
I gathered all my courage..

I told him what I think..
In an eye's blink..
He was patient and kind..
He kept his point of view..
I sensed a deja vu!!

I had seen this now and then..
In my dreams, but when..
It's really happening this time..
I felt a rush of joy..
I'm free now, Oh boy!!!

I tried and it worked..
It worked because I tried..
And all this while..
I thought it will never happen..
But now I know, I was mistaken!!


When I said, I’ll try, I was pretty nervous.. But, now that I’ve tried, and it has really worked.. I want you all to know that even if you do not know the story, you should know its moral. πŸ˜›

Moral of the story: Do not quit without trying for a while! πŸ™‚

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12 responses to “I Tried and It Worked!!

  • Mitesh Shroff


  • Eris of Discord

    Oh, what did you try? What did you try? Now you’ve got me all curious.

    Poetry, poetry- what is it you’ve done?
    You can’t answer in a poem and expect that I’ll run-
    Away from the chance to ask
    I want to know what it is that you tried
    And what drink you had in your flask
    Was it cherry or mango or apple-like juice
    Or more of an alcoholic tint
    I just can’t think what it might have been
    Did you enjoy a tea with mint?
    No! It’s all private Eris, why can’t you see?
    You’re prying too fast and too hard
    Let the poor gal have a chance to be
    Before she breaks into shards.

    The drink isn’t important, it’s what you did!
    You said that soon you would try
    I want to know what you’ve gone and hid
    But my manner is far too unshy
    Then again that’s how you were is it not?
    You’ve shown valor and courage abound
    By trying that thing that you said you would do
    I find myself strangely proud
    I know it won’t rhyme if I put it like that
    I suppose I don’t really care
    I’m happy you’ve reached for and found success
    But sad I can’t be there
    To hug. ❀

    Oh well. Have a silly poem in return! May your days be as exuberant as ever!


    PS: Rockin' moral! I can dig that all the way out of the ground and take it home with me. ❀

    • pinkatenchanted

      Your poem blew away my mind.!!
      Its amazing how a poetry of mine..
      Fetched another one of it’s kind.!!
      So I’ll tell you what made me jive..
      In the simplest words that I could find.!!

      I was sitting with him in the dining hall..
      He’s my father.. I’m his doll.!! (:P)
      He’s a li’l conservative and I’m off the wall!!
      You might not find it interesting at all..
      It was a stainless steel glass after-all..
      Which contained a yogurt-based..
      Popular Punjabi (Indian) beverage..
      “Lassi” is what.. it is called!!
      It keeps your body cool and brain relaxed!!

      This is a harsh piece of information..
      But this is what always happens..
      To a lot of girls who are Indians..
      They get married after graduation..
      But, I want to go out for higher eduation..
      My family had their own objections!!

      All my elder sisters thought…
      That there is no hope..
      But again as I said…
      I convinced my dad..
      He told me of his fears..
      When you talk, doubt clears..
      I tried and it worked..
      It worked because I tried..
      I know it’s not rhyming too..
      But, I’m sure now you see..
      I was hiding nothing..
      I just could not frame..
      My words back then..
      But, your lines inspired mine..
      And we have another of it’s kind!!

      This was the only way..
      I could hug you back..
      Now to wrote would be like to play!!
      I’m glad to have found a blogging friend..
      in you!!
      I’m gonna publish our comments,
      if it doesn’t bother you!!

      Thanks a lot!! πŸ™‚

  • Eris of Discord

    Oh feel free, feel free!
    It’s fine with me!
    I’m pleased I could capture your mind!
    I had no plans
    To publish these strands
    Of words so simply rhyme’d.

    If you can and if you might
    I’m happy as can be
    I love to think of letters at night
    Like these, published, from me.

    You’re so very welcome! ❀ I'm glad I can be your friend!

    Mm, now I'm thirsty. And congratulations of the highest degree are in order! Go out there and get an awesome education, fellow blogger, writer and poet!

    You are wonderful, funny and bright-
    college at least in your sight,
    go out and learn, go out and live, and be who you want to be-
    Do it for you, find what's right, and see what you can see! ❀

    aahh, poetry. <3<3 Thanks for the reply to my reply, it's made my day.

    <3's, cheers!! and hugs,

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  • Partiosh

    real gud yaar………1!!!!!!!

  • fromsonika

    It’s amazing how can bring such a serious thought in a poetic fashion and deliver the message so well. It was nice to read this poem. πŸ™‚

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