Happy Birthday!!

Today is my blog’s birthday :), and my best friend’s as well.. He was a “good friend” last year… but now he’s the best.. irreplaceable.. most amazing, a total sweetheart.. here’s the birthday surprise for you..

“Birthday Boy and Me”
Happy Birth Day to....
my guide, my friend!!
All the time that..
Together we spend..
Be it live, or on chat..
Becomes a memory to....
Cherish afterwards!!
I might not be able..
to remember the words..
but feelings my friend, are unforgettable!!
All I have to do....
When I'm sad or upset..
Is to call you up..
And You take my fret..
You cheer me up!!
"I'm there for you!!"..
Is all you say..
And I don't know how..
It makes my day..
Even till now..
I wasn't failed by you
In three long years..
Not once, all along..
You have given me tears!!
So here's the song..

Happy Birthday To You

(repeat, in tune)

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear M.S. (:P)

Happy Birthday To You!!

M.S., P.S., S.M.


Did not want to irritate you like I did, but my poem was not finished..

I hope you really like it, and one day you will have learnt it, by heart..

Lots and lots of love and best wishes!!

“Full On Masti :)”

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Love reading, like expressing. Love travelling, like clicking. Love food, but can't cook. Love music, like singing. Love to live in the moment, like dreaming. View all posts by Priyanka Sabu

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