She’s gonna be a Mother now… and him.. the FATHER!!!

The blue one.. Aqua (my sister named her).. is just like her sky-bluish tone.. calm and composed (a little weird these days) but still, she made my Christmas really a merry one by laying a perfect white small oval egg 4 days ago.. and another one 2 days ago..  And oh.. by the way! The other one over there, Belly, is like a little brother to me.. I love his body colour.. Bright yellow, flamboyant like his character.. confident, exuberant and a macho.. The father!! 🙂


Until recently I had no clue about their “lovestory”.. But now that I know, I wish that they both live merrily together forever with their adorable kids!!

Rest of the story..

Like when was each of my bird adopted,

how are they all like,

how I thought each one of them was in love with some other bird :/ ,

how i thought that Jelly was attacking Aqua when they were actually mating 😛 ,

and how Aqua completely changed overnight and how possessive and protective these 2 are about the eggs!!

LATER 😉 !!!


Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year to all!! 😀



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