I started blogging with the idea to develop…

I started blogging with the idea to develop my communication skills as well as my opinions about various topics that i come across in newspapers and magazines on a regular basis. But, I ended up writing down my experiences with my friends. So, basically I did not set my priorities right! So, I have decided to not write about stuff that I have been writing down from past three days, and rather blog about the following topics (my opinion) in the near future. I had a GD class today and we were given the topic “India 20-20”. We were not given any specifications as to which direction to think in. The moderator just said “you think, you decide”. What all of the 12 students (including me) could think of was about “cricket twenty-twenty matches” or “vision 2020”. The discussion did not lead us anywhere. According to the moderator, we were all talking superficially. The topics he later suggested that we could have thought of are the ones I am going to post about in the “India 20-20” series in the next few days. These topics are as follows (Writing them down just so that I don’t forget about them).

1. The foreign policy of India for 2020.

2. India’s relationships with its neighboring countries.

3. Education system in India: Where is it heading?

4. Women empowerment in the year 2020.

5. Will the issues like these prevail in 2020?

6. What will happen to Kashmir in the next 10 years?

7. Will Kasab be hanged or bailed by 2020 or not?

8. Will the growing population be taken as a strength by then?

9. The Indian Stock Market in the next ten years.

10. The increasing rate of sending the aged people to old-age homes.

11. Will the roads of Indore still be dusty in 2020?

This is all I can recall right now. One more topic that pulled my attention was the growing industry of hookah and sheesha. The time that the youth should spend for self-development and worrying about the future of their country is wasted by them in blowing smoke! I will write down about these topics in the next 12 posts! Keep reading! 😀


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