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I started blogging with the idea to develop…

I started blogging with the idea to develop my communication skills as well as my opinions about various topics that i come across in newspapers and magazines on a regular basis. But, I ended up writing down my experiences with my friends. So, basically I did not set my priorities right! So, I have decided to not write about stuff that I have been writing down from past three days, and rather blog about the following topics (my opinion) in the near future. I had a GD class today and we were given the topic “India 20-20”. We were not given any specifications as to which direction to think in. The moderator just said “you think, you decide”. What all of the 12 students (including me) could think of was about “cricket twenty-twenty matches” or “vision 2020”. The discussion did not lead us anywhere. According to the moderator, we were all talking superficially. The topics he later suggested that we could have thought of are the ones I am going to post about in the “India 20-20” series in the next few days. These topics are as follows (Writing them down just so that I don’t forget about them).

1. The foreign policy of India for 2020.

2. India’s relationships with its neighboring countries.

3. Education system in India: Where is it heading?

4. Women empowerment in the year 2020.

5. Will the issues like these prevail in 2020?

6. What will happen to Kashmir in the next 10 years?

7. Will Kasab be hanged or bailed by 2020 or not?

8. Will the growing population be taken as a strength by then?

9. The Indian Stock Market in the next ten years.

10. The increasing rate of sending the aged people to old-age homes.

11. Will the roads of Indore still be dusty in 2020?

This is all I can recall right now. One more topic that pulled my attention was the growing industry of hookah and sheesha. The time that the youth should spend for self-development and worrying about the future of their country is wasted by them in blowing smoke! I will write down about these topics in the next 12 posts! Keep reading! 😀

I’m a bit busy today so I guess…

I’m a bit busy today, so I guess, i’ll post tomorrow!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

my shelter

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

This is my photography. I took this shot in the Dal lake of Kashmir last year in june while I was on a holiday with my family! It was the most amazing experience of my life (even though the lake water stinks). Kashmir is truly called a “paradise” on earth!
I would definitely love to go to such a place to take refuge from my boring regular life and all the worries that trouble me!

I was the eldest daughter of my parents…

I was the eldest daughter of my parents. I raised my younger brothers and sisters after my parents died! I could not get married because I had responsibilities.  Now, they call me up once in a blue moon,  just to check if I am still alive, or not! I met with a major accident at the age of 26 and my face was completely damaged… Before that, I used to be a beautiful woman! I helped my friend (whom I loved) marry his girlfriend. I financed some acquaintances when they needed money, they are all rich today, but they never bother to return the loans.

These are a few words that I clearly remember from our conversations! It rattled my cage when I saw her composed expressions while narrating the miserable episodes of her life. And there I sat, in a hope that I could personally meet all those people who betrayed her and slap each of them right in front of their kids. But more than that, I was angry with her because she let them have undue advantage of her generosity. Huh!! She laughed at my anger and brushed it off with her benevolent smile! I mean.. what the hell! I cannot swallow this! How can a person be so good at heart and lose almost everything.. parents, family, love, beauty, money… Why did she have to face all the ills that one can possibly imagine? Why? I really hated this!

I know I wrote about this blog as being filled with happiness… and till now, all I have blogged about is.. complaining about the present conditions in India, its people and the government, and then I’m writing a story with such a sad title “Hey… She used to be my best friend” and now I am writing down another sad excerpt from some forlorn figure’s life! But all I want to share is, despite of all the misfortunes, she lives happily.. she is content! Now how can that be..?? How positive a person can be..?? Are there no limits to optimism..?? How is it possible that she never felt depressed and enjoys every day like its her last?

I’ll write how she made it possible… soon! very soon! 🙂

She used to be my best friend!!

We were sitting on the edge of a very small temple, which was as pretty as picture! And she proposed me!! 😀

She: I don’t know, if it is too much that I am asking, or if it is too early.. (silence)

I: Hey.. Go on.. You can tell me whatever you feel like!

She: Would you (produces a lovely little angel showpiece) like to be my “BEST FRIEND FOREVER” ?

I: Wow.!.! (snatching the showpiece, I hug her) … of-course we are! Like forever, and ever after! Thanks..!! (Smiles, tears and silence)

I don’t remember the conversation perfectly, but that was the essence.. this was the beginning of a never-ending strong bond of friendship between the two of us! But, it isn’t the beginning of my story!

I had seen her reacting out loud and at times, over-reacting at silly things (like pigeons.. what the hell!!) a few times at our coaching. But, as I don’t believe in first impressions, I never bothered to think about what I saw! We were school mates and shared the same bus and used to go to the same coaching, so we were kind of.. hi-hello friends! Then one fine day, I saw her crying.. and I don’t know why, but, I could not stop myself from asking her what was the matter and if I could help! The matter was clearly centered around a ugly duckling, another sick schoolmate of ours, whom she thought was cheating her! I am a typical female chauvinist and I told her that I am going to talk to him and make him apologize.. and she was gratified! As she stated later that day, after proposing me, “no one ever tried to do something for me, no one ever said they would fight with someone else for me, aur wo bhi itney haq ke sath .. never!!”

So now, after accepting her proposal, we started getting along, and I can’t recall what we did with that guy. We enjoyed each others’ company a lot! Her interests were very much like me, lyrics writing, fighting for girls’ rights, reading novels, listening to music, to name a few! I started spending more time with her and the other two girls (they used to be friends at that time) which resulted in, me avoiding my coolest classmates-turned-best friends! They kept complaining and I kept avoiding them. ( I regret that part… too bad!). I lost a lot of friends meanwhile.. but they were never true friends, she was. I made a lot of new friends in the process, but they were all temporary. School students have their own political issues. We spent the best times together. We lived in the same locality, so we used to be together in bus, during school hours (recess and sports and bunks), at coaching and the rest of the time, either we used to chat on phone or else we were found hanging around at each other’s place! Later, once before the boards, we had this huge fight because of a few misunderstandings created by mutual friends and a few reasons (most of which were my mistakes) that I would not like to mention. We did not talk for  almost a month! I missed her.. I also realized meanwhile, that I had lost all my friends and I could not bank upon anyone anymore. I was shattered, unhappy, distressed.. It was the worst period of my life. I was unable to study properly (we used to study together). She was also hurt. After all, we were friends for more than a year and half, and this conflict was heart breaking. Later, two girls at my coaching whom I confided in, helped me in confessing the truth in front of her.. the truth that it was my mistake, but more than that, it was all wrangled up because of rumors.. and even more than that.. I really love her!! She agreed to be friends with me again, but on one condition….

to be continued….

We, “the Youth”, need to “react”!

I read a news recently in a local newspaper. It had interviews with some of the major taxpayers in India. They were distressed by the scams that are being revealed recently in the country. Their dismay was upon the fact that the money they pay as tax each year for the growth and welfare of their country was actually used for the benefits of corrupt and obnoxious politicians and IAS Officers. They demanded answers from the government (and the prime minister says that he’s not responsible.. he’s compelled), they want the youth to react (had they risen up against corruption in their youth, our generation would have never seen India facing such disgrace).. But hey! They asked for an open accounting system for the expenditure of the taxes .. a crystal clear one.. in which they could actually know where exactly, the amount of tax they paid is being invested by the government! Now, that is a great idea!

Now I would like to discuss all the three issues in detail (solely my opinion)
1. What kind of a Prime Minister says that he was bound to let the scams happen!
2. Why did our parents involved themselves in corruption? Why did they not react? Can we, “the youth”, do something about it?
3. Can there be an open accounting system for the income tax paid by the responsible citizens?

1. The answer to my question in statement 1. is honorable Dr. Manmohan Singh. Yeah, he gave such a statement in front of the media, so that, everyone around the globe can see and hear the unacceptable, indigestible fact. He is the Prime Minister of a developing nation and his visions for the future of that nation are very bright… What is in dark, is the present! He blames everything on the coalition government. Oh come on, who will accept that? If the person, who is accountable for the progress of a country, is not even capable of taking the decisions about the major deals and issues, then who is? Does he still deserve to stand there as the head of the Government of the Republic Of India? Okay fine, it’s a coalition government, he is working under great pressures and the fear that his government might fall if he goes against his supporters from other parties.. Does that mean, that he has got the rights to do injustice to the nation? Will you leave your parents alone, helpless in a dark place just because your neighbor is providing you with the basic necessities of life? Will you ignore the one who gave you life and brought you up, for someone who never bothered about you and never will, unless it does him some good? Now, do we need to teach him his duties?

What I want is not his resignation, it’s not justice nor justification… What I and every other honest citizen requires and demands, is the transparency of the entire government system, the bureaucracy, what we want is, to see India progressing from all the directions possible and imaginable, what we want is “The Golden Bird” back in its form! Are we asking for too much? No.. there is the potential.. I know it not only from within, but also from facts! Then why not?

2. Here’s the answer for the question above. This is because, our elder generations took the freedom for granted. They involved themselves in malpractices like corruption and it penetrated from the highest level to the lowest level, or may be even vice-versa… There is no way to find out who started it, how it was started, where and why was it started.. And we don’t even need to find that out.. We don’t want to find out that why did “they” not “react”? The question is, are we a part of it? Did our parents “donate” some huge amount of money to a college for our admission in a Government college? Did we bribe a traffic police officer after breaking a traffic rule? Did we receive such a bribe ever and do something unethical? Do we ask for bills when we buy stationary or refuel our vehicles? Do we fulfill our duties as a citizen? Do we enjoy our rights as a citizen? There can be many such questions.. The next question is do we feel guilty of your deeds?
Yeah.. Everyone feels guilty, but no one ever follows the rules, then why should I? But the question should be.. “Why should you not?” The answer should be.. I am Indian.. I love my nation.. and so I will abide by my duties before i take advantage of my rights! I will say no to bribery, I will say no to corruption, I will stand in attention when I hear the national anthem, I will pick up the flags that are thrown on the streets after independence and republic day celebrations and dispose them off respectfully, I will follow the traffic rules, I will never throw waste on the roads, I will study well and do some good for the development of India and Indians, I will pay the taxes and the list will go on….
Can we, “the youth”, do something about it? So, the answer is.. yes, we can! If we the youth will stand united against the social and political evils, we can actually change the scenario of this nation! All we need is a platform, which will bring the educated section of India together at one place and help in bringing about the change.

3. For the third question, I’ll keep it short.. It’s the 21st century and nothing is impossible! We need to rise together and demand.. trust me, that’s all we need to do!

Thanks for reading.. but this is not all.. there is a lot going on in my head.. I just need to give it a shape and then.. I’ll blog..!! 🙂

I really love the features provided by this…

I really love the features provided by this new theme – P2. After all, it’s always good to be in familiar surroundings.

The Opening Statement..!!

Hello world!

This is my first blog ever and I really don’t have much to say right now! I would like to dedicate it to my BFF, just like she did hers to me!

I created my blog on with the aim to improve my writing skills, rebuild my knowledge of the english language, develop my thought process and fabricate my opinions about everything that I come across; may it be the newspaper articles I read daily, or be it a random experience of my life. I hope that at some point in time, I will feel that Facebook isn’t as addictive as blogging is!

At present, I am a little tired, and so I’d like to end it here.

Thank You!

p.s. : BFF stands for Best Friend Forever.


A state of serenity

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